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"I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another. As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades. Such good men."

Quoted  from "These Good Men" by Michael Norman

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Naranjo, Sonny CMSgt LM 14th & 6th MAS  naranjosonny@yahoo.com Md, Silver Spring 
Naylor, Stuart A. MSgt  FE 20th ALS stuart.naylor.1@us.af.mil  HA, Honolulu 
Nefzger, David "Dave" F. Col Pilot 20th davenefzger141@gmail.com  VA, Burke 
​Nelson, Freddie W. Capt  Pilot 76th & 300th fnelson123@yahoo.com  FL, St Petersburg 
Nelson, Mike H. Capt Pilot 58th cartsaver@live.com   
Nesejt, Charles (Chuck) Lt Col  Pilot 20th MAS & 41st MAS charlesnesejt@gmail.com CA,  
Nethken, Rance A.  86th & 7th rafenc141b@msn.com  
Newbold, Rose, SMSgt FE 4th,7th,8th & 62nd MAW  newbold.rose@yahoo.com FL, New Port Richey 
Newbold,Tom CMSgt FE 62nd MAW  Tom.rose6@verizon.net FL, New Port Richey 
Nickles, Keith Capt Pilot 8th kenickles@me.com TX 
Nicolls, Boone MSgt FE 8th & 57th FE@VictoryUSA.com  OK 
Niedzwiecki, William J. TSgt LM 6th wjn54@att.net  
Nitkiewicz, Thadeus TSgt LM 18th badge332@comcast.net NJ 
Noonan, J. Marty Capt  Pilot 7th & 710th jmartynoonan@gmail.com  
Noren, Clinton L. Col Pilot 76th & 21st AF cnoren@earthlink.net  
Norlander, Keith L. MSgt  FE 445th & 730th  concho22@aol.com  
Norris, Alan C. Capt  Pilot 76th anorris44@gmail.com NC, Cary  
Norton, Christopher "Chris" MSgt LM 18th cnorton32@gmail.com TX 
Norton, Harry  Pilot 76th & 8th  Hwn3@earthlink.net NC 
Novack, Mike  Pilot 8th c141heaven@gmail.com AZ 
Nunez, Armando C. Jr. SrA LM 18th & 16th c141bexlm@earthlink.net NC 
Nunn, Mark E. Lt Col  Pilot 86th, 20th & 57th Flyingnunn@cableone.net  
Nye, Craig A. TSgt  18th, 702nd & 732nd craignye@yahoo.com​ MI 
O’Dell, Jeff MSgt FE 15th  jeff@odellnet.org CA, Long Beach 
Odom, Rory L. SMSgt LM 41th  flier9898@hotmail.com  
O'Donnell, Patrick J. Lt Col  86th  PatODonn@aol.com  
O'Donnell, Timothy "Tim" SMSgt FE 4th & 62n OG/DOV todonnell1@cox.net  
Olrick, Ray MSgt FE 8th, 36th & 7th olrickr@hotmail.com AR 
Olson, Ralph Capt Nav 30th & 18th  RalphPTB@aol.com  
Ooten, Robert L. "Bob" Capt  Pilot 41st ooten@mindspring.com  
Orman, Charles "Dick" R. Lt Col  Pilot 76th & Flt Test Robins AFB dickorman@hotmail.com  
Orme, David L. Col NAV 708th  VA 
Orrell, Darwin "Skip" N. Major Pilot 41st, 3rd, 57th & 443rd TTS dn.orrell@att.net TX 
Osborne, Harry C. MSgt  FE 701th & 707th  qtrhrsx2@yahoo.com MO 
Overfield, Jack F. MSgt  FE 15th & 6th  jackover46@aol.com  NY 
Overstreet, Ed MSgt LM 41st & 14th eozonianjunk@aol.com  
Overton, John TSgt  LM 18th & 710th MAS outdoorrider.jo@outlook.com  
Overton, Thomas J. Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Owens, Jarvis L. MSgt FE 97th & 313th jlowens@centurytel.net  
Owens, Orbrey MSgt FE 57th & 58th meooo@tds.net  
Owens, Robert E. CMSgt LM 183rd rcso_140@yahoo.com MS 
Owens, V.D. CMSgt  LM 30th & 438th MAW Vurley@yahoo.com FL, Melbourne 
Oxley, Michael L. MSgt  Loadmaster 732nd ALS (C141 & C17)  c141load@optonline.net  NJ, Oakhurst 
Ozols, Harry "Harry O" Maj Pilot 728th & 710th   wizozols@yahoo.com CA, San Carlos 
Padgett, Carl MSgt FE 701st padgettfamily94@comcast.net,  GA, Brunswick 
Padgett, Charles "Chuck" R. SMSgt FE 76th & 57th mister454@hotmail.com TX 
Paganini, Gilbert L. SMSgt  LM 4th, 36th, & 76th  gilbertpaganini@comcast.net  
Pakney, Robert  FE 710th  rpakney@outlook.com​  
Palmer, Edward M. Sgt  LM 18th  coypalmer@yahoo.com WA, Puyallup 
Palmisano, William "Bill" CMSgt LM 58th williepeon@aol.com  
Paradiso, Timothy Capt Pilot 53rd flytap@peoplepc.com  
Parent, Patrick MSgt LM 20th, 15th, 16th & 183rd ParentP@verizon.net FL 
Parsons, Roger S. Col Pilot 8th & 313th  RSParsons@comcast.net  
Patterson, Anthony C. "Pat" CMSgt FE 30th, 57th & 443rd TTS  OK 
Paul, Jeffery C. Lt Col Pilot 30th jeffeilp@gmail.com  
Payne, Robert Capt Pilot 14th coloradorp@earthlink. CA 
Pearson, Allen B. SSgt LM 18th alpearson2121@gmail.com GA 
Pearson, Charles "Chuck" IV MSgt FE 335th,707th,89th & 732nd  chuckpearson747@aol.com  
Pelletier, David Michael CMSgt LM 75th,86th,ALCE, C5 OTE, 3rd  eagle141@comcast.net SC 
Pelletier, David M Maj Pilot 8th, 86th, 20th, Det 2 & 57th pelletierd@hotmail.com OK 
Pelton, Michael, MSgt FE 4th, 36th & 7th kc10engineer@yahoo.com  NJ 
Pentz, William F. TSgt LM 349th MAW, 708th, 710th & 312th bpentz@cnets.net CA 
Penwell, Ted Jr. LM 53rd tedandjomama@yahoo.com  
Perdue, Kevin J. SMSgt  LM 15th kperdue24@msn.com   
Perry, Keith M. Col Pilot 8th keithperry1303@comcast.net NM, Albuquerque 
Perryman, Charles L. TSgt  FE 44th charles.perryman@att.net  
Perry, Richard W. MSgt LM 7th outdoorguy101@msn.com  
Perry, Victor "Vic" C. MSgt  LM 86th virgovicperry@sbcglobal.net CA 
Pescatore, Steve TSgt FE 53rd peskyair@yahoo.com AZ 
Peters, Mike Maj  Pilot 7th & 57th  mpeters@ipapilot.org  
Peterson, Christopher TSgt  FE 15th copperstatebldg@msn.com  NH 
Peterson, Jim SSgt FE 18th and 732nd  fugabishy@yahoo.com  
Peters, Tommy MSgt  FE 701st tommy_peters@att.net  
Petry, Dennis MSgt  FE 6th Dennis.Petry@faa.gov  
Peurala, Eric MSgt FE  eric.peurala@lmco.com GA 
Pfeifer, Paul C. SMSgt  Loadmaster 14th MAS pcp421@dslextreme.com CA, Highland 
Pfeifer, Paul C. SMSgt  LM 20th, 1607th, 14th & 63rd MAW pcp421@dslextreme.com  
Phelan, Terry Maj Pilot 7th, 710th & 89th tlphel@yahoo.com KY, Louisville 
Phelps, Stephen L. "Steve" Lt Col Pilot 86th & 708th  phelpsteve@gmail.com CA 
Philbrick, Carleton R. Col  Pilot 57th CC csphil@comcast.net AR 
Phillips, Robert Patrick Capt  Pilot 58th flypatbarb@aol.com  
Phillips, Vernon CMSgt  FE 58th, 30th & 335th FTS vernon06@gmail.com GA 
Philon, Terry Philon SMSgt LM 8th & 313th  mstaphi@rainierconnect.com ????? 
Pickett , Robert "Bob" H. Jr. MSgt  LM 30th, 86th, 443rd CCTS & 57th MAS rhpickettjralex@earthlink.net TX, Humble 
Pierce, Philip "Hawkeye" Lt Col Pilot 30th, 57th, 356th, & 89th DO Philip.Pierce@wpafb.af.mil  OH 
Pierce, Ron SMSgt LM 76th & 16th  C17Ronbo@hotmail.com  
Pierson, Robert P. MSgt  FE 732nd  rpprocky@mac.com DE 
Pillarella Jr, Louis J, SSgt FE 335th MAS pillarella@comcast.net  
Pjosek, Albert A. (PJ) TSgt LM 75th MAS, 6th MAS, & 7th MAS  allynpj@gmail.com  
Pjosek, Albert A. "PJ" TSgt  LM 75th, 6th & 7th  allyn@nctv.com  
Pledger, Jack R. CMSgt FE 75th & 7th  jpledgerafrete9@gmail.com CA 
Plekker, Lee MSgt  FE 8th  lee.plekker@gmail.com  
Plonski, Mike MSgt ELM 53rd, Det 8, Det 14 & 486th plon9mike@aol.com FL 
Polacheck, David Colonel Pilot 8th, 729th, 313th & 730th david.polacheck@gmail.com WI 
Polesnek, Michael Jr. TSgt FE 20th sonya.mikepolesnek@g​mail.com   
Polgreen, Richard  Pilot 20th, 41st & 4th rplky11@gmail.com  
Polgreen, Richard Maj Pilot 20th, 41st & 4th rplky11@gmail.com KY 
Polhemus, Michael J. MSgt  FE 6th & 57th starlifter141@windstream.net   TX, Granbury 
Ponce, Robert  FE 707th rponceman@aol.com  
Porter, Dale Maj Nav 57th ddporter@sbcglobal.net  
Porter, Odis L. CMSgt  MT 72nd lee.porter@cox.net  
Post, Charlie Lt Col Nav 53rd & 8th charliep141b@yahoo.com  
Post, David S. Maj Gen Pilot 728th, 730th & 445th MAW  WY, Thayne 
Potash, Martin D., Jr. Maj  Pilot 6th MAS and 702nd   Nippersnuk@aol.com  GA, Peachtree city 
Potter, David MSgt LM 76th & 16th drpotter37@yahoo.com   
Potter, William MSgt  FE 44th bpotter34@verizon.net  
Powell, Mitch Fang LM 18th & 6th mitch1411@comcast.net  
Powers, Michael B. Capt  Pilot 76th MAS mpowers13@carolina.rr.com  NC, Matthews 
Preiss, Joe MSgt FE 30th & 13th  joepreiss@gmail.com  
Presley, David C. "Twiggy" MSgt  FE 14th & 57th  twig98@aol.com CA 
Price, Robert M. Capt Pilot 3rd price413@bellsouth.net AL, Selma 
Priddle, Charles E. MSgt  FE 97th DUNGENESSMOOSE@YAHOO.COM  WA, Sequim 
Priest, Eric J.  LM  52nd & 86th  C5AV8TOR@aol.com  
Pringle, William M. MSgt LM 707th wmsfpringle@bellsouth.net  
Proctor, Gene W. MSgt  FE 20th & 326th  ProctorGW@comcast.net​  
Proctor, Thurman T. Jr. SMSgt FE 76th  tproctor9@tampabay.rr.com  
Pugsley, Linda Maj  FN 67th, 34th, 57th, 56th, 72nd, & 37th pugsley7193@tampabay.rr.com  
Rach, Peter R. Capt  Pilot 6th Mas PRRach@gmail.com FL, Naples 
Radford, Robert "Bob" CMSgt  FE 3rd, 30th & 4953rd  robertradford107@yahoo.com OH 
Ragsdale, Charles D. SMSgt LM 707th rags707@bellsouth.net   
Raleigh, Nancy West SSgt FE 86th & 57th  Nancy@plraleigh.com NC 
Raleigh, Percy Lynn MSgt LM 86th & 57th  Percy@plraleigh.com NC 
Ralph, William "Bill" Sgt LM 15th & 52nd  wl.ralph@yahoo.com KS 
Ramaker, Ronald L. MSgt  FE 58th, 18th, 6th & 76th MAS Eileenandron@verizon.net  FL, Sarasota 
Ramirez, Rudy SMSgt FE 86th, 57th & 443rd TTS retired.flyer@swbell.net OK 
Ramos, Alfredo R. TSgt  LM 86th MAS & 57th AS chico6965@suddenlink.net TX, Abilene 
Raney, Clarence H. "Ray" LM 4th & 6th chraney@yahoo.com   
Raymond, Mark E. CMSgt LM 41st mark.raymond@att.net  
Ray, Paul A. Col Pilot 7th, 14th, 15th, 44th, 57th, 75th, 300th & 701st CC  parmel@tds.net GA 
Redden, Steve MSgt Loadmaster 20th MAS, 437th MAW & ALCE TN spredden@yahoo.com  TN 
Reed, Scott  Pilot 30th, 13th & 732nd s.m.reed12@gmail.com  NH 
Reider, Steven B. SSgt  Loadmaster 7th MAS  redreider1@att.net CA, Fairfield  
Reilly, Andrew MSgt  LM 30th & 17th denalisfcg@aol.com  
Reyes, Gerardo A. SSgt LM 53rd batngmunti@aol.com  
Reyes, Thomas Nick SSgt  LM 30 MAS & 445thMAW  thm6rey@aol.com  CA 
Reynolds, Charles E. MSgt LM 335th cereyn@embarqmail.com  
Reynolds, Jay Lt Col Nav 30th, 57th & 16th  jayreynolds69@yahoo.com  
Reynolds, John T. JR MSgt   4th MAS, 97th MAS & 313th MAS  Revrent@Yahoo.com TX, Desoto 
Reynolds, Larry TSgt FE 14th & 53rd  larry371@mchsi.com  
Reynolds, Robert "Bob" SMSgt FE 732nd & 702nd jetguy702@yahoo.com  
Reynolds, Shawn R. MSgt FE 6th, 702nd & 732nd shawn.reynolds.4@us.af.mil NJ 
Rhoads, Herman E. Lt Col Pilot 75th & 57th  grhoads@cablelynx.com OK, Tahlequah 
Riccio , John M. CMSgt FE 30th, 732nd, 756th MAS   jmriccio@comcast.net  
Ricciotti-Daniels, Barbara SrA  LM 76th & 16th barbarafevans@hotmail.com FL, Fruitland Park 
Richards, Herbert D. TSgt FE 4th & 86th herbyrichards@gmail.com FL 
Richards, Herbert D. TSgt  FE 4th & 86th  herbyrichards@gmail.com  
Richardson, Dale F. CMSgt FE 7th drichardson@amerytel.net  
Rickert, Gale SMSgt FE 7th, 707th, 708th, 76th, 16th, 17th, 20th & 15th  garickert@sc.rr.com  
Rickert, Ross "JB" MSgt FE 76th/16th, 17th & 41st/14th jbrickert@hotmail.com   
Riessen, Michael MSgt   7th,708th,710th & 301st mikerflyer@aol.com  
Riffey, Doug Col Pilot 58th MAS, 6th MAS, 300th MAS & 701st MAS  bassetllc@charter.net GA, McDonough 
Rigdon, John B. SMSgt FE 41st & 30th John_rigdon@att.net MI 
Ripple, Robert SMSgt  30th & 53rd  robertripple817@yahoo.com AR 
Ritchie, Jesse "Jess" SMSgt LM 75th  ritchie6@cox.net  
Ritz, Thomas G. Lt Col Pilot 30th & 335th tritz@flaviation.com  
Rive, Neil MSgt  FE  6th & 57th  shadoweone@hotmail.com  
Roberts, Andy MSgt FE 15th & 4th arbandit@msn.com WA, Spanaway 
Roberts, Hal Lt Col  Pilot 7th MAS  halroberts44@gmail.com  NV, Henderson 
Roberts, Lorrie  Op's 710th, 53rd, 730rd, 729th & 452nd  lorrie50@gmail.com   
Robinson, Byron   58th bwrobinson@windstream.net   
Robinson, Jerrell W. MSgt LM 183rd  jerr_rob@bellsouth.net MS, Jackson 
Rocca, Charlie MSgt FE 18th & 732nd jetroc@verizon.net  
Rocha, Jesse MSgt  FE 728th, 14th, 57th, 14th & 4th jrochajefe@msn.com  TX 
Rodda, Roderick J. SSgt Flight Engineer 710th AS  rj_rodda@yahoo.com FL, Jacksonville 
Rodemeyer, Bob "Rodey" CMSgt  14th, 63rd MAW, 50th & 445th AMW chiefrodey@gmail.com CA 
Rodriguez, Avis; TSgt  LM  728th MAS, 730th MAS & 729th AS  airdroplm@mac.com WA, Walla Walla 
Rogish, Steve SSgt FE 13th rogish@hotmail.com NC 
Rose, Herman "Ray" MSgt LM 7th, 19th, 16th, 14th & 17th HERMAN.R.ROSE@saic.com  
Rosenblatt, Daniel A1C  Loadmaster 18th MAS sdrdrosen8@gmail.com  
Ross, Tom Lt Col  Pilot 7th, 57th, 36th, 7th (again) & 6th  stratairlifter@hotmail.com  
Rothermel, Robin S. Lt Col  Pilot  8th & 97th  snoopy7308@gmail.com  
Roy, Billy MSgt FE 18th & 57th bgroy@hotmail  
Ruble, Trent Sgt  LM 20th therublefamily@aim.com  
Rudner, Michael J. MSgt LM 728th Michael_Rudner@verizon.net  
Ruhl, Edwin Capt Pilot 7th eruhl@comcast.net PA, Doylestown 
Russell, Frederick M. Lt Col  Pilot 30th & 313th  russell715@aol.com  
Ryle, David TSgt LM 14th, 7th, 19th & 20th DCRyle@live.com   
Showing 177 items