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"I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another. As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades. Such good men."

Quoted  from "These Good Men" by Michael Norman

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Cabler, Jr., Wallace H. "Hank" Maj Pilot 6th, 702nd & 756th HCabler@cox.net DC, Washington 
Cadmus, William  LM/FE  701st, 356th & 707th jaycadmus@thinkwerk.com TX 
Cain, Charles ( Rudy) Maj  NAV 76th MAS cainraa@yahoo.com FL, Melbourne 
Cain, Douglas  Pilot 41st, 57th & 76th  dcain005@aol.com TX 
Caine, Breckenridge H. III Capt Pilot 3rd & 76th Cabo79@aol.com  
Cain, Jeff, Col Pilot 7th MAS, 30th MAS, 21AF/DOV, 8th ALS/DO & 4th AS/CC JCain4as@aol.com VA, Fairfax Station 
Campbell, Dennis TSgt  FE 710th htrod@cox.net CA CA 
Canada, Dean C. SMSgt LM 730th & 708th dean.canada@us.af.mil  
Cannady, Roger Capt Pilot 53rd trainer51@yahoo.com FL 
Cann, Charles D CMSgt  LM 14th cannchas@hotmail.com  
Cantrell, JC Col Pilot 20th MAS JC.Cantrell@gmail.com DC, Washington 
Card, Bruce Lt Col Pilot 57th CC bcard@paragontech.net   
Carey, Thomas MSgt  LM 30th jerseycowboy453@gmail.com  NJ 
Carl, James (Jim) SSgt FE 6th besttwin2008 @ Hotmail.com  FL 
Carlson, James R. (Russ) Capt Pilot 58th russlurene@pbtcomm.net  
Carman, Walter G. (Lee)  LM 41st lcarman1935@yahoo.com  SC, Greenville 
Carmody, Edward (Ed) R. CMSgt  LM 8th  carmody26@comcast.net  
Carpenter, Robert (Bob) MSgt  FE 30th, 300th & 313th  rkcarpenter@aol.com  SC 
Carrington , David D. (Dave) MSgt FE 6th  dcarrington1425@comcast.net  NJ, Lumberton 
Carrol, Oren M. Jr. SMSgt FE 305th 18th & 6th  oren.carrol@comcast.net  
Carter, Charles (Chuck) SMSgt LM 312th, 710th & 349th AMW  chuckcarter0512@charter.net  
Carter, Corey D. TSgt LM 6th & 16th coreycarter3@yahoo.com NC 
Carvotta, Geno  FE 18th MAS Geno.Carvotta@gmail.com  IL 
Casey, John L. Lt Col Nav 18th, 335th, 35th APS & JMP-Atlantic   jlcasey@aol.com  
Casey, Michael T. SSgt LM 20th mtcycles@comcast.net DE, Wimington 
Cash, Frank TSgt  LM 728th & 730th fritzcash@aol.com  
Casner, Clifford (Ciff) W. CMSgt FE 15th, 30th & 63rd MAW cliffcaz@yahoo.com  
Castanedo, Paul A. CMSgt LM 729th, 445th MAW  paulcas@frontier.com CA, Redlands 
Cerny, Jerry CMSgt FE 8th  jjcerny@gmail.com WA, 
Chalupa, Mark S. TSgt  FE 86th, 20th, 13th, 702nd &732nd chalupa4@comcast.net PA, Philadelphia 
Chance, Randy SSgt  FE 6th popanddeb@yahoo.com FL 
Chandler, Jim TSgt LM 44th & 86th n427c@gte.net CA 
Chaplin, Bill SMSgt  FE 17th, 41st & 3rd  billchaplin@sbcglobal.net   
Charles L. Jr. Col Pilot 18th MAS and 707th AS chuckearly@flightline.com De Land, FL 
Charron, Jean (Bender)  Adm 6th jean.c.charron@centurylink.com   
Chatnick, Stephen L. MSgt FE 4th, 36th & 313th  phenix141@aol.com  WA, Vancouver 
Cheeney, Rory TSgt LM 729th  rory_cheeney@yahoo.com  
Cheney, Julian W. CMSgt LM 300th, 701st & 707th cheneyjw@aol.com  
Chesmore, James (JJ) SSgt  FE 8th & 4th  jjflyr@gmail.com  
Chestnut, Paul TSgt FE 335th MAS jetfan@gmail.com Pennsylvania  
Choate, Owen T. Maj Pilot 76th, 16th, 701st and 707th choatemail@bellsouth.net SC, Summerville 
Christensen, Alan W. Capt Pilot 6th & 438th MAW scat22@hotmail.com  
Christensen, Timothy S. SSgt FE 15th & 443rd MAW Timothy.Christensen@pw.utc.com CT, Vernon 
Christ, John H. Lt Col Pilot 57th CC johnchrist06@yahoo.com, GA 
Churchill, Gerald L. MSgt FE Churchill, Gerald L. MSgt Gchurch259@aol.com  SC 
Ciechanowski, Stephen CMSgt  LM 4th, 15th, 6th & 7th stevecski@msn.com  WA 
Cioffi, Mark E. Lt Col  Pilot 57th DO mccioffi@gmail.com FL 
Clark, Billy MSgt FE 8th & 57th  spooky41@wildblue.net  OK 
Clarke, Steven Capt Pilot 14th steveb757@aol.com  FL 
Clark, Gary Capt Pilot 3rd & 76th gclark@el-security.com. OR 
Clayton, William (bill) Lt Col  Pilot 18th MAS & 7th MAS  wrclayton141@yahoo.com NE, Omaha  
Cliff, Dave Maj Pilot 6th & 86th  dcliff141@hotmail.com  
Clingman, Richard G. Lt Col Pilot 14th, 86th, & 60th MAW rgclingman@comcast.net WA 
Clonch, David D. MSgt LM 15th, 63rd ADSB, 37th, 86th & 41st davec130@gmail.com KY, Elizabethtown 
Cobb, Clifford L. CMSgt    chiefcobb@earthlink.net   
Coburn, Harold MSgt FE 20th cobee001956@hotmail.com  OKC, OK 
Cochran, James Capt Pilot 7th & 86th  jccochran@bellsouth.net  
Cochran, James (Jim) C. Capt Pilot 86th & 7th MAS  jccochran@bellsouth.net GA, Woodstock 
Coggeshall, Ronald S. Capt Pilot 8th & 57th rcoggeshall@sbcglobal.net OK, Altus 
Colberg, Arlen Capt Pilot 41st & 701st arlencolberg@gmail.com FL, Deer Island 
Coleman, Charlie MSgt FE 300th cccolemanjr@aol.com GA 
Cole, Ray M. (Marty) Jr Lt Col Pilot 41st, 53rd & CC of the 18th claudcole@aol.com  IL, Chicago 
Collett, Jim (Vance) SrA  FE  8th vinny.m3@gmail.com  
Colley, Harvey G.  Air Evacuation Tech  h.colley@fastmed.com April 1967 – June 1969  
Colley, Tom  FE 7th & 4th  tcolley65@gmail.com  
Collins, Jackie (Jack) SMSgt FE 701st, 18th, 6th, 438th MAW  jackc141fe@aol.com GA, Jasper 
Colonna, John SSgt FE 702nd colonnas4@aol.com NJ 
Colotta, James E. (Eli) Maj Nav 53rd elicolotta@aol.com NC, Charlotte 
Colyer, Robert (Bob) Col Nav 8th rcolyer253@aol.com NV, 1977-1979 was the only fully qualified "Systems Operators" in the 8th. 
Combs, John R. Lt Col  Pilot 14th  jrcombsjr@aol.com  
Concepcion, John T.  LM 7th 00jtche@gmail.com OR 
Conklin, Nicolas (Nick) SSGT LM 730th nconklin@sbcglobal.net CA 
Conner, Steve Lt Col Pilot 6th & 732nd  srconner2@gmail.com PA, Coraopolis 
Cook, Phillip G. TSgt LM 18th, 438 ALCE & 435 ALCS coramdeo1492@gmail.com CA, California City 
Cool, Joe Donald (Don) MSgt  FE  20th, 17th, 15th, 8th, 6th, 62nd OG & 305th OG C-141Starlifter@hotmail.com  
Cool, Milly TSgt  LM/FE  300th, 707th, 313th, 356th & 732nd  C-141Starlifter@hotmail.com  
Cooper, Joe R. MSgt FE 53rd, 58th, 57th, & 443rd TTS  jc727@bellsouth.net  MS, Southaven 
Cooper, Lloyd MSgt LM 75th, 41st, 443TTS/AD & 57th  spare7771969@yahoo.com  
Cooper, Paul (Pete) T., Capt Pilot 14th & 730th  pcooper2@cox.net CA 
Corbitt, William B. MSgt FE 707th MAS wcorbitt747@gmail.com  Belgium 
Corder, Greg Maj  Pilot 20th & 701st  gregcorder@alumni.troy.edu  
Cornwell, Joseph W. Jr.   728th & 730th fr8dogjoe@gmail.com   
Correll, Deborah  FE 701st bbeach141@aol.com   
Corrello,Douglas SSgt LM 335th  dgcorrello@yahoo.com NJ 
Corrigan, Wm. Mark Capt Pilot 6th wmcorrigan@bellsouth.net  KY 
Cosnowski, Walter J, Capt Pilot 3rd MAS walter.jr8082@sbcglobal.net  OH, Beavercreek 
Costello, Richard CMSgt LM 86th, 312th, 708th, 710th & 301st costello_richard@yahoo.com CA 
Cotter, Ed Lt Col Nav 76th, 20th, 41st & 17th  EdCtSC@aol.com  
Cowan, David (Dave) Col  Pilot 76th & 707th  david@cowan.net   
Cowart, Donald H.(Dax), 1st Lt. Pilot 53rd MAS daxcowart@icloud.com  
Cox, Allen V. Lt Col  Pilot 4th & 57th avcox1969@yahoo.com  NC 
Cox, Craig CMSgt  LM 4th craig.n.kim.cox@gmail.com  
Cox, Eldon Lt Col Pilot 18th, 30th & 41st  eldonus@wildblue.net VA 
Cox, Jake W. Jr SMSgt FE 7th & 60th MAW ottawajake@aol.com  
Cox, Jake W. SMSgt  FE 7th & 60th MAW  ottawajake@aol.com   
Cox, Randy Sgt/Capt  LM/Pilot 76 th, 41st & 8th  coxjetster@aol.com   
Cox, Roger Pilot 14th MAS, 53rd MAS & 729th MAS rogerdcox@yahoo.com  
Cozart, Dale CMSgt  LM 58th, 6th, 41st, & 437th APS  cozartd@gmail.com  
Craig, James K. Maj  Pilot 41st & 701st jimcraig47@hotmail.com  
Creveling, Katie Lt Col Pilot 14th ,756th & 729th  pilotkate@earthlink.net  VA 
Crittenden, Johnny MSgt   58th MAS & 729th MAS  kellerton@icloud.com  
Crocker, Barry L. CMSgt FE 7th, 60th MAW/AW, 86th, 20th barrycrocker@yahoo.com OR 
Crocker, Joyce Thompson SMSgt LM 708th  joyce_crocker@yahoo.com OR 
Croft, George R.  LM 18th georgercroft39@yahoo.com  
Curtis, Darrin MSgt  LM 708th, 710th & 313th darrine120@att.net CA 
Curtis, Glenn Lt Col  Nav 75th & 708th glenn@value.net VT 
Czech, Felix Lt Col Pilot 702nd MAS felczech@verizon.net   PA. Audubon 
Dahlgren, Gregory (Greg) C. Capt Nav 86th dahlgrenlaptop@hotmail OK, Yukon 
Daly, Michael Capt Pilot 18th mnmike01@gmail.com MN, Minneapolis 
Daniel, Herbert E. CMSgt FE 76th, 57th 756th, 2875FTS & 339FTS Ldaniel74@nc.rr.com NC, Louisburg 
Daniel, Ronald Lt Col  Nav 76th  rdaniel@dorchester2.k12.sc.us SC 
Dankel, Paul W. MSgt FE 97th, 728th & 313th pdankel@hotmail.com  WA, Seattle 
Dasbach, Leonard W. Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Davies, William (Bill) TSgt  LM 335th spectregunner@verizon.net  
Davis, Eddie M. MSgt FE 41st acumulator@aol.com  
Davis, James R. MSgt FE 702nd starlifterflteng@gmail.com  
Davis, Kent Capt Nav 15th captmork@hotmail.com UT 
Davis, Kevin SMSgt FE 18th dahoop@cot.net  
Davis, Ray (Craig) MSgt  FE 97th & 313th  cdavis9133@aol.com  
Davis, Richard Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Davis, Ross L. CMSgt LM 58th, 6th, 438th MAW, Hq MAC, 76th & 437th MAW rldranch64@windstream.net  
Davis, Scott G. MSgt  FE 730th P74flyer@hotmail.com CT 
Dease, Bobby SSgt  FE 18th Dease.Bobby@epa.gov  
DeBaun, Gary MSgt FE 14th B747Inst@aol.com  
Decker, Michael B. MSgt LM 18th decker.m@mchsi.com  FL 
Decker, Robin L. TSgt LM 14th, 53rd, 30th & 708th  RobinLDecker@hotmail.com  
Delk, Dennis H. TSgt LM 41st, 437th MAW, 300th & 315th AW  nautical5@aol.com Commissioned later as 2nd Lt with the 315th Medical Squadron 
Deluca, Russell Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
De Mallie, Stephen M. (Mitch) SSgt LM 702nd nyr94md@yahoo.com  NC 
DeMark, Joseph M. SSgt  FE  53rd  jmde911@ma.rr.com  
DeMichael, Richard (Rocky) SSgt  LM 30th rfd2@westchestergov.com.  
DeVincenzo, Sal J. MSgt  FE 702nd CaptSal38@aol.com  Port Orange 
Devine, Robert J. SSgt FE 36th & 7th MAS/AS 19rjd68@gmail.com  
Dickinson, Art L. Lt Col  Pilot (C-141 initial cadre) 1741st & 57th LtcArtD@msn.com CA 
Dick J. Robert Sgt   6th RcdTaz@aol.com WV 
Dille, Roy Brice Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC  OK 
Dimmers, Anthony, TSgt FE 4th, 16th, 17th & 76th travisdad@sprynet.com NY, Washingtonville 
DiPasquale, John A. MSgt LM  18th, 13th & 732nd dipasquale5@comcast.net NJ 
Dixon, Bruce R. MSgt  FE 76th Santa_carver@frontier.com  OR, Hillsboro 
Dodd, Dwaine CMSgt LM 15th & 701st  loadsmasher@att.net   
Doiron, W. David  Pilot/FE  6th MAS, 702 MAS & 728 MAS  ddoiron@cox.net  AZ, Tempe  
Dollarhide, Harry R., CMSgt  FE 75th & 7th harry@hrdjssdollarhide.com NC, Kill Devil Hills 
Donovan, Christopher L. FE 20th MAS  c.donovan@live.com IN, Walton 
Donovan, James Col  Nav 41st buddonovan6@gmail.com TX 
Donovan, Steven (Steve) R. Col Pilot 41st & 300th jurassicb727@gmail.com  
Dooley, Kyren C. MSgt FE 702nd dools702@comcast.net  
Doolittle, Emil (Bob) TSgt  FE 8th km5wd@yahoo.com  
Dorris, John Pilot 30th,335th, 728th & 730th dorrisjd@yahoo.com  
Doskocil, Ken Lt Col  53rd, 728th & 729th Kdosk747@aol.com  
Doto, Paul Col Pilot 18th & 732nd pdoto@bellsouth.net FL, Key Largo  
Downs, Robert E. Sgt  LM 3rd downsrobert@sbcglobal.net  
Doyle, David E. FE 20th  b747fe1@comcast.net  
Doyle, Derrick Maj  Pilot  52nd & 15th  derrickdoyle@hotmail.com  
Drake, Bennie G. CMSgt LM 3rd, 30th, 57th, 443rd TTS & 443rd MAW  chiefduck@cableone.net  OK 
Drake, George W. Lt Col  Pilot 6th, 58th & 57th   bentster@drakefamily.org  TX, San Antonio 
Drake, Michael (Mike) Capt. Pilot 53rd & 63rd MAW drakemike@hotmail.com FL, Destin 
Driscoll, Timothy E. CMSgt LM 76th, 57th,7th MAPS, 36th, 7th, 8th, 62d OG & Hq AMC driscollt001@hawaii.rr.com  
Duffy, Brian J. MSgt  FE 335th BDuffy@ups.com  
Duffy, George MSgt FE 86th, 443rd TTS & 57th spike513@att.net TX 
Duffy, George MSgt  FE 86th, 443rd TTS & 57th  geosphoto@att.net  
Duke, Derek L. Sr. 1st Lt Pilot 41st & 300th  derek.duke@yahoo.com  GA, Statesboro  
Dunaway, Jeff Lt Col Pilot 86th, 15th, 20th and 7th jpdunaway@hotmail.com WA, Bremerton 
Dunford, Dale Lt Col  Nav 18th & 21AF chipanddale79@hotmail.com WA 
Dunipace, Tom Maj Pilot 7th & 710th tdunipace@earthlink.net AZ 
Dunkelberger, Lee MSgt FE 732nd LeeDunkelberger@msn.com  PA, Sunbury 
Dunlap, Richards S. Lt Col  Pilot 75th,335th & 300th  Rilodunlap2@aol.com  
Dunlap, Rodney MSgt LM 4th & 97th rdunlap369@yahoo.com WA 
Dunn, Manuel Robert  LM 162nd AWC & 8th MAS  Robertoostosdunn@yahoo.com  
Dunn, Ronald L (Ron) TSgt LM 730th & 729th ron1097@hotmail.com CA, March ARB 
Dunsmore, Doug TSgt  FE  20th, 18th & 89th  doug.dunsmore@gmail.com   
Durocher, Phillip T. Maj Pilot 7th, 19th & 16th  phillipdurocher@gmail.com  
Duwe, Richard L. MSgt FE 18th & 57th  rlduwe@yahoo.com ID 
Eakin, Timothy M MSgt FE 15th, 708th, 301st & 312th  tjeakin101@aol.com CA, Vacaville  
Early, Charles L. Jr. Col.  Pilot 18th MAS and 707th AS chuckearly@flightline.com. FL, De Land 
Eastman, Daniel B. TSgt  LM 30th, 443rd TTS, 57th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 437th AW, TACC & 8th  eastmand411@yahoo.com  IL, O'Fallon  
Eaton, Carol L. TSgt  FE 18th & 732nd cearrieta@earthlink.net FL 
Ebstein, Lawrence Capt Pilot 18th & 15th larry.ebstein@volvooflasvegas.net NV 
Eckberg, Karl (Eck)  6th, 13th & 30th  spitzbunion@yahoo.com   
Eddy, Bruce SMSgt LM 18th bruce.eddy1@yahoo.com FL 
Edens, David Maj Pilot 14th, 728th & 730th dedens7476@gmail.com TX, Keller 
Edwards, Joe Col Pilot 57th c9ip@charter.net MO 
Eichenberg, John SMSgt LM 86th, 20th & 356th  icefaa141@yahoo.com   CO, Denver 
Elkins, Lawson C. JR. CMSgt FE 53rd LCE53@MSN.COM   
Ellis, David N. SSgt LM 20th dnellis247@gmail.com AL, Madison 
Elmer, Roger Maj Nav 15th rog.elmer@gmail.com  
Emerson, Blake MSgt  FE 300th & 701st  BLAKEEMERSON@GMAIL.COM  
English, Michael C. MSgt LM 53rd mike.english@roadrunner.com  
Enrique, Ugalde L. MSgt  FE 7th, 108th & 710th  ugaldeen@yahoo.com CA, 
Enzor, Olin III TSgt FE 76th, 16th & 14th  dc10fe@yahoo.com  
Epps, Dale SMSgt  FE 86th MAS dale6339@att.net CA, Grass Valley 
Erickson, Mark S. Maj Pilot 18th & 438th MAW  merickson@webbwireless.net  
Ernzen, Ken SMSgt LM 729th & 728th  kenernzen@roadrunner.com  
Evanich, Charles SMSgt  FE 30th & 13th cjewv@yahoo.com  WV 
Evans, Bill  FE 732nd  flyboy141001@aol.com  
Evans, Robert Sgt Maint 58th MAS & 604 MASS (MAC)   robertpevans@yahoo.com  
Evans , William (Bill) M. Jr. TSgt FE  732nd Flyboy141001@aol.com  NJ 
Ewing, James JR. MSgt FE 4th AS & 7th AS  jrmfewing1072@gmail.com Germany 
Showing 197 items