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"I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another. As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades. Such good men."

Quoted  from "These Good Men" by Michael Norman

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Fabiani, Maria MSgt  LM/FE 335th missharry@aol.com  
Fahning, R. Martin TSgt LM 710th martin555@wavecable.com CA 
Fain, Calvin (Doug) LM 20th, 8th, 443rd TTS & 57th  cfain@stny.rr.com  
Faretra, Ron CMSgt  LM 20th rrfaretra@gmail.com  SC, Charleston 
Farinech, Michael II MSgt  LM 710th & 729th mfarinech@yahoo.com  
Farmer, James (Jim) L. Lt Col Nav 14th & 57th ann-lavoy@sbcglobal.net TX 
Faynik, Robert  LM 44th & 41st rjfaynik@warpmail.net  
Fernandez, Vincent SSgt FE 4th fernanv@comcast.net  
Ferrell, Harry Lt Col  Nav 86th harry@ferrell.us  
Fisher, George Col  Pilot 18th & 702nd  gk-fisher@comcast.net  
Fitzgerald, Dave Pilot 708th & 710th   
Fleming, James C. Maj Pilot 30th,728th &710th starlizard88@gmail.com NC, Huntersville 
Floyd, Bobby O. Maj Gen  Pilot 57th CC  SC 
Fore, Troy CMSgt  FE  7th, 14th 57th & 60th MAW troy.fore@yahoo.com. AR 
Fotheringham, Jack  Pilot 53rd, 729th & 730th twafedex@aol.com China, Guangzhou 
Fouts, Mike  Pilot 30th mike.fouts@okc.gov  OK 
Fowler, Bob Lt Col Pilot 76th Bobfowl@aol.com  
Fowler, Gregory S. 1st LT. Nav 20th MAS gsfowler1@yahoo.com FL, Windermere 
Fox, Terry L.  LM 15th, 53rd & 86th tlfox59@hotmail.com  
Francis, Jeffrey E. MSgt FE 6th MAS   
Francis, Richard L. Lt Col  Pilot 86th dickfrancis@comcast.net  FL, Fort Lauderdale 
Franklin, Dexter J. TSgt FE 707th a300fe@aol.com  FL, Davie  
Frazier, Dwight L. SMSgt LM 335th, 702nd & 732nd  hdrebel51@yahoo.com  
Freienmuth, Karl S.  FE 53rd & 730th kfreienmuth@spanaero.com MN, Wayzata  
Freitag, Mike FE FE 86th bhmike@yahoo.com  
French, James T. (Jim-Sgt Rock) MSgt LM 8th & 86th  skidder86@gmail.com  
Frescholtz, George F. Lt Col Nav 86th & 60th MAW freschog@aol.com  
Frey, Terry CMSgt LM 4th & 86th  bucknducktaxidermy@yahoo.com   
Friend, Clif Lt Col Pilot 315th AW, 707th, 300th & 701st friendscj@comcast.net  
Frink, Sam Capt  62nd MAW, 8th & 446th MAW slfrink@me.com  
Frye, Huey MSgt FE 30th & 58th phukat1@cfl.rr.com FL 
Frye, Stephen B. Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Fulkerson, James C. MSgt FE 301st, 708th & 312th  jim5848@gmail.com AZ, Tucson 
Fultz, Cecil R., Jr. CMSgt  FE 18th, 438th MAW, 57th, 443rd TTS & Hq MAC/AMC crfultzjr@clearwire.net TX 
Funk, Michael SSgt FE 4th mufunk@gmail.com  
Fuqua, Roy MSgt  FE 57th  Was at tinker when C-141 arrived 
Furlong, Jim Lt Col Pilot 57th jfurlong1@earthlink.net  
Furlow, Stanley (Stan) G., Jr. Lt Col  Nav 76th, 22nd (C-5), 605th MASS & 4th AF sgf3232yahoo.com TX, College Station 
Furnari, Frank M TSgt Flight Engineer 335th & 702nd fmfurnar@optonline.net  
Gaines, David S. SSgt LM 702nd senaig54@hotmail.com  NJ, McGuire  
Gaines, Richard SSgt  LM 702nd  rickyghee1@icloud.com  
Gajate, Eldwin (Eddie) SSgt LM 18th gajate1@comcast.net NJ 
Galenbeck, David P. (Jiggs) TSgt FE 57th & 6th jiggs4020@hughes.net TX 
Galenbeck, Jiggs   jiggs4020@hughes.net   
Garbart, Alan A. Sgt  LM 41st garbart@valornet.com OK, Tulsa  
Garcia, James G. Capt Pilot 20th MAS jimgarcia43@sbcglobal.net TX, Dallas 
Gast, Mike MSgt FE 15th  huff41@me.com  
Gates, Greg MSgt  FE 708th & 710th  ggates47@gmail.com  
Gates, Greg MSgt  FE 708th ALS & 710th ALS  ggates47@gmail.com  
Gates, Randy Lt Col Pilot 76th & 707th randyg707@yahoo.com  
Gault, Michael W. Lt Col Pilot 76th, 57th, 16th & 701st Mike@atozinspector.com SC, Mt Pleasant, SC. 
Gee, Arthur (Art) SMSgt FE 53rd, 4th, & 52nd techflyer@earthlink.net CA, Victorville 
Gehring, Jay MSgt  FE 20th, 75th & 7th  jaygehring@comcast.net  
Gerber, Doyle R. SMSgt FE 58th, 30th & 57th dandt_1@charter.net KS 
Gessel, Bruce K. Capt Nav 75th & 8th  bgessel1@verizon.net VA, Herndon 
Gibson, John Jr., LM 30th johnjohnus@bellsouth.net  
Gibson, Lee  LM 86th MAS lgibson295@gmail.com  
Gieseke, Don  Pilot 8th donrg@icloud.com  
Gifford, William F. MSgt FE 7th & 58th williamgifford@yahoo.com  NY, Endicott 
Giles, Lawrence (Larry) A. MSgt LM 76th, 443rd TTS & 57th larmimgiles@sbcglobal.net  TX 
Gilje, Craig L.  LM 6th MAS clgrad2016@outlook.com  
Gilliland, Leland E. SSgt  LM 53rd & 37th   gene@gillilandtire.com   KS, Centropolis 
Gill, Leonard J. MSgt  LM 30th & 732nd  Gil0213@Comcast.Net  
Gilmore, Charles Patrick (Pat) Maj Pilot 14th, 63rd MAW, 730th & 445th MAW cpatg47@gmail.com Utah, Bountiful 
Gilmore, Richard MSgt  FE 7th patandrick29@yahoo.com  
Giordano, Michael (Mike) A. CMSgt FE 76th, 57th, 20th, 17th & 437th MAW  cmg0606@bellsouth.net GA 
Giron, Jess MSgt LM 14th, 52nd, 53rd, 7th &19th  jess.giron@sbcglobal.net  
Glacken, David TSgt LM 335th glackend@yahoo.com  
Glaspey, James H. Jr. SMSgt  FE 86th jimg3305@yahoo.com  Oakridge, Or 
Glass, Harold E. MSgt  FE 76th  glasshe@yahoo.com  
Glover, Willie H. MSgt  LM 86th ATS & MAS  whg33@aol.com  
Godek, Franklin F. MSgt FE 58th & 30th fgodek@sbcglobal.net TX, Bayou Vista 
Goebel, Robert (Bob) S.  Pilot 6th rgoebel7@cox.net  
Goeken, Dennis H., CMSgt LM 6th,21st AF,30th,31st,35th & 438th MAW  dgoeken@cfl.rr.com  FL, Chuluota 
Goeman, Steve Col Pilot 30th & 702nd Stephen.Goeman@wpafb.af.mil  
Goforth, Rick Maj  Pilot 41st, 57th, 300th & 707th FLYU2THEMOON@GMAIL.COM  
Goldberg, Steven TSgt   6th MAS  sgoldy55@hotmail.com  
Goodrow, Ronald W. MSgt  FE 732nd & 300th gulfjet@bellsouth.net FL 
Goodwin, Richard CMSgt FE 30th & 21st AF Rick@pearorchard.org  
Goodwin, Richard (Rick) CMSgt FE 30th, 443rd MAW & 21st AF rick@pearorchard.org MS, Brandon 
Gordon, Hugh  Pilot 6th gordonhl@hotmail.com   
Gordon, John TSgt LM 30th & 6th john141b@swbell.net MO, St. Louis 
Gore, Robert L. 1st Lt Pilot 58th bobgore@bkr.lvcoxmail.com WV, Lewisburg - As a 1st Lt was upgraded to AC. 
Gould, Ken, SMSgt LM 6th & 57th  sky_dog_99@yahoo.com OK 
Graca, Curtis A. SSgt  LM 14th & 57th 405-428-2312 OK 
Gray, Russell A. MSgt FE 15th & 63rd MAW a320fti@msn.com   
Green, Donald A. TSgt FE 14th dagreen42@cox.net  
Greene, William (Scotty) TSgt  LM 4th scottyg@bendbroadband.com  
Greer, Lucia CMSgt  FE 701st, 707th, 756th & 89th  greer701as@aol.com   
Griesa, Tim MSgt FE 18th & 57th fatcatata@comcast.net DE, Dover 
Griffin, Donny Lt Col  Pilot 6th & 707th donnygriffin@earthlink.net FL, Lakecity 
Grimes, Charles C. (Snuffy) CMSgt FE 30th, 21st Air Force & FT Robins AFB GA cgrimes1@tampabay.rr.com FL 
Grones, John Col  Pilot 15th & 300th jggrones@me.com  
Gross, Raymond A. SMSgt FE 20th raymond144@att.net   
Guyton, Arthur D. LM 756th  artg1012@gmail.com MD 
Haaf, Ralph D. Lt Col  Pilot 57th MAS CC   
Hagood, Johnson III SSgt LM 707th 1stpalmetto@gmail.com SC, Johns Island 
Haines, Jordan S. MSgt FE 4th  cinc@coinforce.com  
Hallett, Gregory SSgt FE 18th gregoryhallett@yahoo.com NC 
Hall, Greg MSgt  FE 14th & 63rd MAW greg.hall1977@gmail.com  
Hall, Larry E. MSgt LM 41st LHall141@gmail.com  
Hall, Pete MSgt  LM 335th & 702nd  PeteHall4@aol.com  
Hall, Woodrow (Woodie) W. II CMSgt FE 18th MAS, 57th MAS & 443rd MAW c141fs@gmail.com FL, Cape Coral 
Halpin, William MSgt  FE 14th  bhalpin@cableone.net AZ, Prescott Valley 
Hambleton, Leigh MSgt  LM 7th Leigh@inbox.com  
Hammack, Boyd L. (Leon) Capt  Pilot 86th captleon51@gmail.com  
Hamm, Philip D. Lt Col Pilot 14th  philhamm@comcast.net  
Hankins, Keith MSgt  FE 30th & 57th  v2plus15@gmail.com TX 
Hansel, John CMSgt  LM 76th, 15th & USAF AC  cmshansel@yahoo.com  
Hansen, Dain  FE 4th & 62nd MAW dain@sprynet.com  WA 
Hansen, Drew P. MSgt LM 4th, 8th & 313th  zulujumper@hotmail.com  
Haran, Edward M. CMSgt  FE 335th Redcrown48@verizon.net  
Harmon, Mark B. TSgt FE 356th & 89th TsgtMHarmon@gmail.com OH 
Harp, Darrell W. TSgt  LM 41st darrel6969@hotmail.com KY 
Harper, David CMSgt  LM 4th, 7th,8th,57th,86th,62nd OG, 97th AMW & HQ AMC harperddh@aol.com WA 
Harrell, Robert D. MSgt  FE 4th harrell928@comcast.net  
Harris, Jim SMSgt  FE 6th, 57th & 76th skydog301@comcast.net MS 
Harrod, James MSgt FE 708th jim@avart.com CA 
Harrold, Kevin MSgt FE 18th kwh767@a4isp.com  
Harston, Jon D. (JD) CMSgt FE 15th jdharstonsr@hotmail.com  
Hartford, Dave MSgt LM 443rd TTS & 57th dshart19651@hotmail.com TX 
Hartley, Gerald B. SMSgt FE 14th jerryhartley@centurytel.net WA 
Hartling, Daniel G. SMSgt FE 18th & 732nd dghartling@gmail.com PA, Pittsburgh 
Harvey Ronald (Ron) MSgt FE 300th rhavey@hagray.com SC 
Haskell, Jack MSgt FE 8th, 36th, & 62nd AW jack.haskell747@gmail.com WA 
Hassell, Bienvenido V. CMSgt  LM  29th MAS, 309 SOS, 8th MAS, 18th MAS & 438th Wing   Bennyc141@gmail.com  TN, Hendersonville 
Haston, Edward M. SSgt  LM 335th Ed@hastons.net  
Hasz, Paul Lt Col Nav 44th - Navigator on the first operational mission to Saigon phasz38@comcast.net  
Hawkins, Erith A. II (Arby)  LM 14 MAS & 4 MAS/AS lifterload@comcast.net  
Hawkins, Larry D. Maj Pilot 53rd & 729th larryhawkins@comcast.net CO, Parker 
Hawkins, Robert CMSgt LM 41st C130Load@hotmail.com  TX, Schertz 
Hazelbaker, Mark MSgt LM 8th  markhazelbaker@msn.com  
Heaberg, William (Bill) F. Capt  Pilot 53rd tapmgr@gmail.com  GA, Bonaire 
Healey, Gregory SSgt FE 86th ghealey684@me.com.  TX, Hideaway  
Heaton, William (Bill) TSgt  LM 15th & 52nd bhcdc1993heaton@gmail.com  
Heaton, William B. TSgt  LM 15th MAS  bhcdc1993heaton@gmail.com  
Heaton, William B. TSgt  LM 15th & 57th  nursdjjbill02@aol.com  
Heckenberger, R. Scott Lt Col Pilot 30th, 702nd, & 732nd RScott.Heckenberger@mcguire.af.mil  
Hedlund, G. Bruce Maj Pilot 14th, 63rd MAW & 729th g.bruce@mac.com  
Hedrick, Ted MSgt FE 15th tedh1@comcast.net  
Heffner, Ward M. MSgt FE 4th  wtheffner@hotmail.com IL 
Heil, Ron SSgt  LM 58th, 20th, 57th & 443rd TTS  RonHeil@cox.net  
Heironimus, David C. Sgt LM 76th dheironimus@lsol.net  
Helton, Richard T. (Rick) SMSgt LM 76th, 437th ALCE, 21AF ALCE (30th) & HQ MAC/AMC (41MAS) rthelton1001@yahoo.com WV, West By God Virginia  
Hembree, Bruce, SMSgt LM 44th ,776th ,53rd, 443rd & 57th Bruglentex@sbcglobal.net TX 
Hendrick, Mike SMSgt  FE 76th & 437th MAW/AW  michaelhendrick@bellsouth.net  
Hendrickson, Rick  LM 57th hendricksonb@sbcglobal.net   
Hendrix, Bonnie F. MSgt FE 300th MAS Bhendrix14@comcast.net  
Hendrix, Michael F. MSgt FE 701st michend141@yahoo.com SC 
Hermann, Peter J. Col Nav 335th & 514TH MAW Pfhermann@aol.com FL 
Herriott, Brian TSgt  LM 8th, 36th & 356th  bherriot@gmail.com  
Hershkowitz, Jay M. MSgt LM 729 AS jayducks141@gmail   
Hershkowitz, Saul L. MSgt FE 728 AS, 729 AS & 730 AS   
Hill, Charles (Chuck) D. II, Col Pilot 14th, 97th & 710th buffalosoldr@me.com CA, Brentwood 
Hill, Douglas Lt Col Pilot 15th & 728th airbusdoug@yahoo.com CO 
Hillman, Edward SSgt  FE 41st MAS furnoboy@yahoo.com  
Hillman, Martin Capt Pilot 9th & 4th mhillman@scattercreek.com WA - Student in class 2 for initial upgrade to the C-141 at Tinker, AFB. 
Hilton, James A. SMSgt LM 7th, 19th, 15th & 16th  c17hilton@yahoo.com  
Hines, ​Darryl  LM 86th & 708th  edmonbase@aol.com  
Hines, Darryl MSgt  LM 710th & 756th MAS  hevydee@ix.netcom.com   MD, Waldorf 
Hinman, Bruce SMSgt  FE 15th, 57th & 443rd TTS  bruceh1943@yahoo.com KS 
Hitzeman, Keith A. Capt  Nav  86th  keith@hitzandassocinc.com  
Hoblit, Randall L. TSgt FE 53rd, 57th, 708th, 728th & 730th Rhoblit@yahoo.com  TX 
Hodge, Brian MSgt  FE 702nd, 356th & 89th  playboy24fan@yahoo.com  
Hodges, Bob MSgt FE 313th   bob@avproadvisors.com  
Hoffman, Hank Col Pilot 728th MAS hankthird@aol.com CO, Colorado Springs  
Holbrook, Philip T. III (PT) TSgt  FE 4th Philip0517@msn.com  WA, Kent 
Hollerbach, Don M. Capt   76th MAS & &701st MAS  dhollerbach@baldwincpa.com SC, Mount Pleasant 
Hollowell, Steven TSgt LM 18th, 317th, MAC ALCE and 17TH shollowell@cfl.rr.com FL 
Holman, Michael E. MSgt LM 4th, 8th, 57th & 443rd TTS USAFAV8@aol.com  
Holmquist, John Maj  Pilot 14th & 730th l.holmquist@verizon.net  
Holsten, Theodore K. CMSgt  FE 707th, 708th & 312th  tedholsten@yahoo.com  
Holston, Lewis J.Jr. SMSgt LM 76th, 16th & 6th supahlooh@hotmail.com  
Holston, Roy L. MSgt   FE  701st  rholston1@verizon.net  
Holt, Joseph H. Jr. Lt Col Nav 6th & 18th raleighpioneer@yahoo.com  
Holzer, Chuck SMSgt  FE 18th cholzer@prodigy.net  
Homer, LeRoy Wilton Jr. Capt Pilot 18th First Officer of United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11  
Homes, James L. SSgt  FE 20th MAS vsptrooper981@gmail.com  
Hondel, Steve CMSgt LM 6th, 57th, 76th& Hq AMC  hondels@charter.net MO 
Hood, Robin MSgt  FE 53rd & 18th robinhoo@comcast.net PA, Dallas 
Hoopes, James S. MSgt  FE 6th MAS & 57th MAS  jhoopes1@twcny.rr.com  
Hopkins, Russell G. MSgt  FE 36th ALS, 7th AS & 57th AS russellghopkins@cox.net AZ, Tucson 
Hosler, Rick  FE 18th, 30th,& 13th gunnerhos@cox.net GA, Warner Robins 
Houck, Frank MSgt  LM 15th, 52nd & 63rd MAW  frankhouck@comcast.net PA 
Houston, James TSgt  LM 4th  jhouston45@gmail.com  
Howell, Ben MSgt FE 76th  benhwll@aol.com  
Hoyle, Marc  LM 20th & 15th Basco859@aol.com  
Hoy, Victor A. CMSgt  FE 730th vixestore@msn.com AZ, Williams 
Hudson, keith SMSgt  LM 8th & 313th hudson.k@wavecable.com  
Huffman, WD MSgt  LM 57th & 443rd TTS funinok@swbell.net  
Huggins, Charlie Lt Col Pilot  20th, 57th & 41st  huggins500@aol.com  TN, Cordova  
Hughes, Daniel MSgt FE 7th MAS & 86th MAS  hughes8713@sbcglobal.net  CA, Vacaville 
Hughes, Paul W. (Hugs) Capt Pilot 701st Nukken1@aol.com   
Hughey, Michael B. MSgt LM 707th MichaelH317@aol.com   
Hugo, Vane III Lt Col Pilot 14th, 76th 57th, 53rd & 52nd  vane3hugo@gmail.com  TX, Salado 
Humphress, Bob SMSgt LM 15th & HQ AMC IG  95hump@gmail.com  IL 
Humphrey, Wayne SSgt  FE 707th waynehumphreybridge@yahoo.com FL, Naples 
Hungerbeeler, Henry L. Col  Pilot 14th MAS, HQ MAC, 76th MAS & 20th MAS   hungerbeeler@gmail.com   KS, Leavenworth  
Huron, Robert C. Maj Pilot 76th & 707th  rchuron@gmail.com  CO 
Husby, Lynn MSgt  FE 30th, 4th, 57th & 443rd TTS  lhusby@live.com  
Huseby, John Maj  Pilot 14th & 730th  jlhwesties@aol.com​ OR, Powell Butte 
Hussey, William Maj Nav 20th,18th, 6th MAS & 438th MAW  sabaiwill@gmail.com FL, Punta Gorda 
Hutchison, Bryan P. MSgt FE 300th & 57th  bphutch_retired@yahoo.com AR 
Huttie , Robert J. (Bob) FE 30th & 57th  bobhuttie@optonline.net  NY 
Irelan, Claude A. CMSgt FE 41st, 57th, 20th, 17th, 76th & 437th MAW cairelan@hotmail.com SC, Summerville 
Irizarry, Rudolpho (Rudy) MSgt LM 335th rudyalice239@yahoo.com  
Irwin, Eve TSgt LM 701st eveirwin@hotmail.com SC 
Izzo, Robert N. SMSgt  LM 76th & 57th bizzo@ix.netcom.com FL 
Jack, Brenda S. MSgt LM 729th ALS Brenda.kartheiser@gmail.com FL 
Jacks, Jerry L. Lt Col Pilot 708th jjacks56@sbcglobal.net   
Jackson, Patrick R. Sgt  FE 6th MAS Ptjacks5@yahoo.com   FL, Orange City 
James, Michael D. TSgt  FE 335th, 730th & 730th michael.james4565@me.com  
Jameson, Robert Capt  Pilot 8th & 4th skyman48@darientel.net  
Jenkins, Don MSgt  FE 6th, 57th, 4th, 62nd MAW & 57th donjenk@att.net GA 
Jenkins, Marcus A. SMSgt FE 76th marcus_jenkins@bellsouth.net  
Johnson, Danny CMSgt LM 300th & 17th coefarm@dishmail.net  
Johnson, Dennis SSgt  FE 20th dennisjohnson17@hotmail.com  
Johnson, Edwin J. MSgt FE 18th edcarole659@yahoo.com MD, Great Mills  
Johnson, James A. (Jim) Capt Pilot 75th jajnq@aol.com  WA,  
Johnson, Robert P. MSgt  FE 4th, 57th & 6th 56rpjohnon@centurylink.net MO, Kearney 
Johnson, Rod jr. LM 300th ALS  rodjohnsonjr@hotmail.com GA 
Johnson, Ross C. MSgt  FE 708th RossC5eng@gmail.com  
Johnston, Dudley H. Maj  Pilot/FE 20th dudjane@bellsouth.net TN, Germantown 
Jones, Brent Lt Col Nav 30th & 41st agentbrent@aol.com  
Jones, Charles MSgt LM 30th & 86th coldduckjones@sbcglobal.net  
Jones, James T. "Buck" Sgt  LM 30th frebrd141@Yahoo.com  
Jones, James T. (Tom) TSgt  FE 7th & 57th tomjonesca@yahoo.com  
Jones, Jr., William E. (Bill) Maj Pilot 76th MAS & 18th MAS starlifter@thevillages.net FL, The Villages 
​Jones, Larry R. Capt Pilot 41st larryj@bas-co.com SC 
Jones, Wilfred MSgt LM 53rd Amenra_1@hotmail.com NY, Brooklyn 
Jordan, Bradley P. MSgt  FE 41st  bwjordan@sc.rr.com   
Jordan, Douglas I. (Doug) Maj  Pilot 6th divyj@earthlink.net  NC, WInston-Salem 
Jukes, Norm MSgt  FE 710th & 349th MAW NJukes@aol.com  
Julia, Philip N.  LM 6th pnjulia@verizon.net NJ 
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