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"I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another. As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades. Such good men."

Quoted  from "These Good Men" by Michael Norman

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Kaminski, Joe Lt Col  Pilot 76th MAS & 300th MAS joekaminski@prodigy.net MO, Kansas City 
Kaminski, Richard "Dick" SMSgt FE 30th & 57th  rkski_1@icloud.com  TX, Weatherford 
Kangas, Larry Nav 313th & 97th  muralsbylarry@me.com OR 
Kantorowicz, Mark  LM 14th Mark.Kantorowicz@kirtland.af.mil NM, Albuquerque 
Kapp, Christopher, SSgt LM 7th, 19th, 20th, & 57th kappatots@yahoo.com. FL 
Kastner, Rick MSgt  7th  dc8fe@cox.net   
Kawonczyk, Peter MSgt/Maj  FE/INTEL 335th pkawonczyk@gmail.com NH 
Keenum, Jim TSgt FE 76th, 41st & 57th jandjKeenum@msn.com  OK 
Keethler, Charles "Gary" Lt Col Pilot 4th, 8th, 36th & 62nd MAW keethlers@earthlink.net TX, Georgetown 
Keim, Ronald A1C LM 14th rkeim@cinci.rr.com OH 
Kellogg, John MSgt LM 300th jbkelloggjr@yahoo.com NC 
Kelly, Kevin F. TSgt FE 944th, 443MAW & 730th  kkelly@aeroservicesllc.com TX, Copell 
Kelshaw, Craig A. MSgt FE 4th AS simpoqar@gmail.com WA, Tacoma 
Kemble, Rick Col Pilot 20th & 15th rkemble104@aol.com  
Kennedy, William "Bill" CMSgt  LM 15th & 57th chiefkennedy@earthlink.net PA 
Kensche, Kenneth CMSgt FE 708th & 730th kkensche@cox.net  
Kent, Chad LM 53rd & 6th chad_k69@comcast.net   
Kent, John "Tony" A. Lt Col Pilot 4th, 62 MAW, 57th & 7th CC  tonysshop1@aol.com OR, Bend 
Kevari, Steven   6th stevekevari1@hotmail.com  
Khan, Baran Anthony Andrew  LM 710th Baran.Khan@concord.heald.edu  
Kibby, Jerry L. Lt Col  Pilot 44th MAS, 86th MAS and 18th MAS  jerrykib@earthlink.net   FL, Valrico 
Kilpatrick, Dan Capt Pilot 15th DKilpatrick@spectrumkc.com KS 
Kincaid, Larry G. SMSgt  FE 57th & 443rd TTS & 443rd MAW   
King, Robert Sgt  LM 6th rkingjr2@att.net TX 
Kingston, George Col Nav 335th & 702nd agkingston3@verizon.net NJ, Mt Holly 
Kinlaw, Greg SSgt  LM 76th, 443rd TTS & 57th greg@kinlaw.us  FL 
Kinzie, Donald G. MSgt FE 14th dk86406@gmail.com AZ, Lake Havasu City 
Kitzmiller, Bill FE 8th Bill.kitzmiller@gmail.com MD 
Klang,William "Bill" CMSgt  FE 3rd williamklang@comcast.net  
Klein, Kenneth E. Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Klindt, Rich CMSgt   14th Milbuklin@aol.com​  
Knight, Bret L. TSgt LM 14th MAS/AS, 728th AS & 730th AS bretknight@icloud.com CA, San Bernardino 
Knight, Jeff MSgt  FE 14th, 57th, 76 & 16th  jknight32@carolina.rr.com NC, Charlotte 
Knox, Edward "Ed" MSgt LM 76th edknox@bellsouth.net  
Kobelas, Stephen Maj  Pilot 3rd & 15th skobelas@comcast.net SC 
Koleda, Eric TSgt  FE 732nd  Ewk7405@aol.com  KY 
Kolvitz, John F. MSgt  LM 41st bigjohnk@mail.com OK, Altus 
Koss, Michael J. MSgt FE 86th, 20th & 4th  michael.koss@att.net  
Ko, Tat M. TSgt  FE 710th MAS tat668@spamcop.net  CA, San Francisco 
Ko, Tat M. TSgt FE   tat668@spamcop.net  
Kramer, Chris W. SSgt FE 53rd MAS mach830@comcast.net  
Kruciak, Ray A. Sgt.  Maintenance 7th  r.kruciak@yahoo.com  TX 
Kuhn, Mike Capt  Pilot 53rd mikekuhn1@icloud.com   
Kurtz, Hugo E. Col CC 702nd MAS  Hugo732@msn.com  FL, Jacksonville 
Kuster, Michael TSgt FE 707th m.kuster@earthlink.net  
La Branche, Leonard A. SMSgt FE 701st & 315th MAW/AW awesome6869@comcast.net  
Lacy, Kevin V. Col Pilot 15th, 729th & 730th kvl730@earthlink.net CA, Oceanside 
Lalumiere, Dennis R. TSgt Flight Engineer 6th, 15th, 18th & 52nd  d.lalumiere@verizon.net  
LaMacchia, Ron MSgt FE 30th, 335th & 732nd  RONLAMACCHIA@HOTMAIL.COM  
LaMar, Chris Lt Col Nav 41st, 17th, 707th, 315th  clamar84@comcast.net  
Lammey, Davin H. SMSgt  FE 14th, 52nd & 155th  davinlammey@hotmail.com   
Land, Gerald, P. TSgt FE 300th  jerryz06@charter.net SC, Taylors 
Lang, Glenn SSgt/Col LM 6th glenn.pamlang@gmail.com  
Langham, Robert "Bob" Lt Col Nav 20th rmljml@cox.net FL, Crestview 
Lanzrath, Don Sgt  LM 8th MAS & 62nd APS  djlanzrath@gmail.com  
Larivee, Roger P. Col  Pilot  57th CC   
LaRose Larry R. SSgt   4th MAS  llarose1@msn.com  NM, Las Curses 
Larson, Scott SSgt  Flight Engineer 53rd & 52nd  fedc10@gmail.com  CA, Vacaville 
Latham, David C.  FE 20th & 18th wingnut4950@gmail.com  
Latta, William J. Jr. TSgt LM 702nd William.Latta@usma.edu  
Laufer, John CMSgt FE 53rd, 15th & 63rd MAW  blokenkraut@exede.net  
Lawhorn, Rufus A, TSgt FE 30th & 57th rufus702@cox.net FL, Crestview 
Lawrence, Robert "Bob" Col  Pilot 57th  WA 
LeBleu, David MSgt FE 76th dlebleu@sc.rr.com  
LeBleu, Richard "Rick" SMSgt FE 76th, 18th & Lockheed Martin Flt Test rklebleu@mindspring.com  
LeClair, Paul D. SSgt LM 708th fortwelikit@gmail.com SD 
LeCroy, Ralph LM 300th bossmansboy2@yahoo.com   
Lee, Charles "Chuck" CMSgt FE 4th & 313th cdlee59@yahoo.com IL 
Leech, William H. Jr., Lt Col  Pilot  18th, 732nd & 701st trnsprtpltual@aol.com  
Lee, Dennis Capt Pilot 30th dclee@mindspring.com  
Lee, Randolph "Randy" CMSgt LM 8th, 75th & 86th  ranlee@centurytel.net  
Lehner, Ronald TSgt  FE 30th ron@corner.net   
Lennon, Guy  FE 4th, 7th, 19th & 20th  guye60@yahoo.com AZ 
Leseberg, Mel  Pilot 30th, 7th & 60th MAW mleseberg1949@gmail.com UT, Provo 
Leseberg, Mel Lt Col Pilot 30th & 7th  melleseberg@comcast.net UT 
Lester, Melvin CMSgt FE 76th & 7th  lesm141@aol.com  
Levine, Daryl R. TSgt FE 8th mrlevine1@comcast.net  
Levy, Abraham SMSgt FE 732nd abelevy732@gmail.com NJ 
Lewis, Del Col Pilot 86th, 57th, 708th & 710th. retd2@yahoo.com  
Lewis, John Timothy "Tim" Col  Pilot 18th & 438th MAW  timb707@hotmail.com   
Lewis, Wendell Lt Col  Pilot 76th MAS & 701st MAS wglewis7@bellsouth.net   GA, Duluth 
L'hommedieu, Jon A. Capt Pilot 3rd MAS Beercan_31@hotmail.com FL, North Port 
Liebermann, Tom Maj  Pilot 6th & 702nd  tomlu141@mac.com  
Linder, Steven M. TSgt LM 300th  SJlinder@tds.net  SC 
Lingle, Charlie MSgt FE 14th, 36th, 7th, 4th & 62nd OSS  Linglechas@yahoo.com WA 
Lis, Jim CMSgt LM 7th, 57th & 53d  jlis@socal.rr.com   
Locke, Dave Capt Nav 20th & 57th  kc5sii@yahoo.com  
Loftus, Edward J. (Maddog) MSgt  FE 18th  maddogwri@aol.com  IN, Indianapolis 
Long, James W. MSgt  FE 76th & 437th MAW  Bluedyna1@tampabay.rr.com  
Long, Roger MSgt FE 18th rcdalong@gmail.com TX 
Long, Steve LM 335th, 732nd, & 702nd COLLONG@VERIZON.NET   
Lorandeau, Gene J. MSgt LM 335th & 732nd genejl1144@aol.com PA, Philadelphia & FL 
Loudon, Richard L. Capt.  Navigator 7th & 702nd MAS rlloudon@gmail.com  NH, Peterborough 
Lowe, Charlie Col Pilot 708th clowe@dcn.org CA, Davis 
Lowe, Richard J., Capt  Pilot 7th MAS lowerichardj@gmail.com MN, Worthington  
Lozano, Roman "Sonny" SSgt LM 58th romanrljrr@iwon.com  SC 
Lucia, Floyd  LM/FE 728th & 14th Floyd.lucia@edwards.af.mil  CA 
Luedtke, Laurence L. Maj Pilot 710th MAS larry2u@bellsouth.net  FL, Yulee 
Lugo, Carlos SSgt  FE 702nd carloslugo1@gmail.com IN 
Lyman, Kenny MSgt FE 57th kflyman@msn.com OK 
Lynch, Roger FE 6th roger.lynch@coair.com   
Lyne, James D. MSgt FE 728th & 445th MAW jdlyne@jamesdlyne.com  AZ, Phoenix 
Machesky, Frank L. Maj Pilot 18th & 6th mach86b747@hughes.net TN 
Mack, Dennis Sgt FE 6th dhmack@gmail.com NC, Clayton 
MacLean, Michael R. SSgt LM/FE 728th & 730th rrengineer.mike@att.net CA 
Macmillan, Ian C. (RAF Exchange) Wg Cdr  Nav 86th & 60th MAW  ian.macmillan1@btopenworld.com  
Macomber, Nelson Lee CMSgt LM 944th APF, 730th & 729th nelsmacomb@aol.com  
Maffei, Michael Col Pilot 86th, 20th, 19th & 19th CC 94-95 mmaffei@earthlink.net TX, Schertz 
Magliocca, Todd MSgt  LM 97th, 52nd & 14th tmagliocca@comcast.net  WA, Puyallup 
Maheux, Donny  4th & 6th  smilingman676@yahoo.com  
Maier, Michael J."Mike", SMSGT FE 14th MAS michaeljmaier@msn.com  SC, Fountain Inn 
Malone, Robert H. III Lt Col  Pilot 701st malonelaw@bellsouth.net  
Mamola, John A. Jr. MSgt FS 445th MAW, 728th & 729th   jamjr29@att.net  
Manhart, Jimmie L. MSgt  FE 30th, 57th & 14th  gme_lee@yahoo.com CO 
March, Charles MSgt FE 20th, 15th & 16th lurchrocks@aol.com FL, Fort Walton Beach 
Marcott, Robert W. Brig Gen  Pilot 15th ALS. 729th ALS, Norton AFB, CA. 708th, 710th ALS Travis AFB, CA.  rmarcott@comcast.net The last reserve squadron commander of the C-141’s at Travis AFB. 
Marder, William MSgt  LM 86th & 300th wmarder6@gmail.com GA 
Maricich, J. Stanley TSgt LM 301st MAS stanmaricich@mail.com  CA, West Sacramento 
Marinucci, Salvatore "Sam" TSgt  FE 20th jansam@comcast.net  
Marrs, John MSgt FE 300th MAS johnmarrsaa@hotmail.com  
Marrs, John MSgt FE 300th johnmarrsaa@hotmail.com GA 
Marshall, Loomas J. MSgt FE 4th & 15th   ljmarsher@gmail.com CA, San Bernardino 
Marshall, William C. Col Pilot 4th, 15th & 730th wcmarshall1@gmail.com  
Martens, Gary L. TSgt FE 710th & 301st  garymartens@softcom.net  
Martin, Bob Lt Col Nav 730th bucko28@earthlink.net VA 
Martin, Cary MSgt  LM 18th, 443rd TTS & 57th clm10265@tampabay.rr.com FL 
Martin, Elton "Tommy" SSgt  LM 30th djm2527@comcast.net GA 
Martin, Everett S. "Red" Col Pilot 15th, 86th, 22AF & HQ MAC  theislanders736@gmail.com  FL 
Martinez, Juan CMSgt  FE 6th & 57th jmartinez8755@yahoo.com  
Martin, Frederick H. Brig Gen  Pilot 14th & 57th CC Frederick.Martin@scott.af.mil   
Martin, Gary R. SMSgt  FE 9th, 20th, 7th, 57th & 4th  c141retfe@gmail.com  MI & Az.  
Martin, John SSgt MT 57th AES, 10th AMEG & 69th AES john.michael.martin@me.com  
Martin, John W. Jr. MSgt  LM 3rd, 76th, 14th, 8th & 4th jsoar@comcast.net  
Martin, Wayne C. MSgt LM 30th & 732nd wc.martin@comcast.net NJ, Washington 
Masters, Jim Pilot 86th & 708th jimjet1@comcast.net   
Matheson , Charles "Chuck" TSgt FE 7th & 708th  cfichuck@yahoo.com  
Matthews, Dan Lt Col Pilot 86th & 97th  captdan747400@frontier.com  
May, Dan LT Col  Nav 53rd & 57th  d.may61@yahoo.com  
Maynard, Harold F. Lt Col Nav 3rd & 41st  hfmaynard40@cfl.rr.com FL, Orlando 
Mayser, John SMSgt FE 14th MAS & 1st ACCS johnmayser@aol.com AK 
Mazurowski, Paul "Rick" Capt Pilot 14th rickmaz@mac.com HI, Hilo 
McAlexander, Frank MSgt LM 702nd mcalexander1@verizon.net DE 
McAllister,Tony A. SMSgt LM 14th & 53rd tamcallister@hotmail.com MT, Bozeman 
McArthur, Don MSgt  LM 702nd dfm2765@gmail.com FL, Sebastian 
McAuliffe, Kevin MSgt LM 57th sonyaandkevin@cableone.net  OK 
McCammon, Orin SMSgt FE 17th, 20th, 15th & 16th omac01@hotmail.com​ SC 
McCants, James C. SMSgt LM 707th DOV & 315th MAW DOV  jim1939@lowcountry.com SC, Walterboro 
McCants, Walter "Buck" Col Pilot 41st, 14th CC wmccants@comporium.net SC 
McCarthy, Joseph "Joe" CMSgt  FE 729th, 8th, 62nd MAW, 36th, 18th, 21AF, AMC  mccarjb@gmail.com WA 
McCommons, Harry "Mac" CMSgt LM 30th, 6th & 21 AF  hmccommons@embarqmail.com NC, Lillington 
McConathy, Cecil "Bo" MSgt FE 41st,57th & 8th mcconb@comcast.net WA 
McCorkle, Ronald E. LM 75th MAS pamrron@aol.com PA, Modena 
McCrary, M. Ray SSgt   701st  raymccrary@gmail.com  
McCullough, James E. "Festus" SMSgt FE 15th, 443rd TTS & 57th jamesmccullough01@gmail.com OK 
McDaniel, Robert L. Col Pilot 18th, 57th, 17th, & 20th  dusterpilot@charter.net IL, Columbia 
McDonald, Bruce CMSgt  FE 41th, 14th, 8th & 4th  bmcdonald1@mygrande.net  
McDonough, Michael MSgt  FE 18th & 57th  mmcdonough@cebridge.net TX 
McFadden, Hugh J.  LM 702nd hughmcfaddenbscd@yahoo.com NJ, McGuire 
McFarlane, Kenneth E. Jr. SSgt  MT 57th AES,& 10th AES  ​KMcfar1948@aol.com VA/NC 
McGahee , Danny MSgt  FE 701st ALS d.mcgahee@sbcglobal.net   
McGill, Thomas MSgt FE 9th thomasmcgill99@gmail.com ?? 
McHone, Kenneth D. "David" MSgt LM 15th, 53rd, 728th & 729th  davemchone@bellsouth.net  
McKellar, George W. Col   gwmckellar@gmail.com  
McKellep, Shane Sgt.  LM 4th & 36th shanemckellep@gmail.com MN 
McKnight, Bill SSgt  LM 707th Iroctazz@aol.com  
McLamb, Wayne E. Col Pilot 41st DO w.mclamb1@hotmail.com  
McMackin, Rosendale "Cowboy" MSgt FE 4th, 313th & 729th dalemcmackin@hotmail.com  
McNaboe, Jim TSgt LM 53rd & 728th  jim.mcnaboe@gmail.com  
McNair, Kenneth R. Capt Nav 3rd & 437th MAW ken-mcnair@msn.com WA 
McNamara, Ken MSgt  FE 30th klaviation@aol.com  
McNamara, Spencer SSgt  LM 6th spencer.mcnamara@gmail.com NY 
McPheron Darryl B. TSgt LM 76th  darrylmcpheron@yahoo.com  
McQuade, Kevin P. Sgt LM 30th gypsy1951@ymail.com   
McRae, Bruce Lt Col Nav 313th CC beargrass2@aol.com  
McVay, Gene Col Pilot 75th genemcvay@aol.com  
McWilliams, Joseph M. Sra LM 18th joseph.mcwilliams@gmail.com  
Mebane, Bob Maj  RN 57th AES bomeb80q@comcast.net MD, Deale 
Meehan, Shawn SSgt LM 41st & 14th airlifter2@gmail.com  
Mercadante, Paul MSgt  LM 729th & 53rd paulmercadante@yahoo.com  
Mercer, Charles (Charlie) W. SMSgt  FE 356th & 445th AS chardeemer@gmail.com OH, Dayton 
Merchant, James L. TSgt FE 20th MAS @ Dover None AL, Plantersville 
Messner, Keith J. MSgt FE 8th & 57th kjmessner@msn.com WA, Tacoma 
Metzger, Frank L. Lt Col Nav 3rd & 20th   C124Nav@Gmail.com  
Metz, William L. TSgt FE 20th MAS & 30th MAS wilmtz3@bellsouth.net GA, Warner Robins 
Meyer, Gene L. SSgt  LM 86th gl.meyer@yahoo.com  
Meyers, John "JJ" MSgt FE 53rd   jjmeyers747@mac.com  
Michalik, Ronald (Ron) FE 729th romn45@sbcglobal.net  CA, Moorpark  
Mikulin, Nancy Col  FN 65th AES & 349th AES  nmikulin@gmail.com CA, San Francisco  
Miller, Raymond S. Lt Col  Pilot 313th  Millerrng@comcast.net  
Miller, Shem R., Jr. CMSgt  LM 514th & 702nd  SMille1010@aol.com  
Miller, William H. "Bill" Capt Pilot 53rd vettinman@gmail.com  SC, Clemson 
Millican, David Capt Pilot 14th dm13@isp.com. TX 
Mills, Stephen W. Capt Pilot 30th & 438th MAW stephen.mills@comcast.net  
Minnick, Gerald "Jerry" A. CMSgt  FE 76th jerryminnick@att.net IN, Indianapolis 
Mitchell, Joesph "Joe" CMSgt LM 30th, 14th & 63rd MAW jmitchell52@roadrunner.com CA 
Mitchell, Phillip MSgt LM 75th, 6th, 30th ,18th & 438th ALCE pmitch@prodigy.net  
Mizner, Rich MSgt  FE 97th & 313th  rcmizner@ywave.com  
Mobley, Jack F. Lt Col Nav 17th, 41st & 3rd Jmobley@sc.rr.com SC 
Mogi, Monte MSgt  FE  349th MAW, 301st MAS and 730th MAS  igomson@gmail.com   
MOLL, JOHN W. SMSgt FE 30th MAS johnmoll@Bellsouth.net SC, ANDERSON FE 30th johnmoll@Bellsouth.net  SC, ANDERSON 
Molloy, Martha "Marty" SMSgt  Ops Supt 730th ziegler.molloy@gmail.com​  
Monsen, Craig R. Capt  Pilot 7th, 14th, 52nd & 53rd  rcmonsen@alumni.citadel.edu  
Montgomery, Don "Monk" TSgt  LM 76th  d.montgomery01@comcast.net   
Moore, Gary M. MSgt  FE 4th exflyboy22654@gmail.com  WA, Puyallup  
Moore, Joachim (Aki), MSgt LM 76th, 16th & 6th mooreaki26@gmail.com NJ, Delran 
Moore, Ronald E. MSgt FE 33rd, 44th & 48th  ronemoores@msn.com WA 
Moran, Chris Lt Col Pilot 18th & 732nd  Chris.Moran@yahoo.com TX, Fort Worth 
Morris, Fred MSgt FE 15th fredmorris@ymail.com CA 
Morris, Traci Lt Col Nurse 714th trotoly@aol.com NJ, Union  
Morse, Jeffrey A. TSgt  FE 707th & 437th MAW boxndneedle@gmail.com NC, Mooresville 
Moser, Bob FE 30th & 335th BUDLITE56@aol.com PA 
Mossbarger, Terry L. Sr. MSgt  FE 729th Reachfe@aol.com CA 
Moulton, Michael  Loadmaster 44th MAS  loadmasterc141a@yahoo.com  
Mount, Bruce A. SSgt  FE 18th MAS & 57th MAS  bmount@hawaiiantel.net  HI, Honolulu  
Mournian, Anthony  Nav 44th AnthonyMournian@gmail.com  
Mowbray, Ronald L. Lt Col Pilot 8th, 36th, 41st, 57th & 86th rlmowbray@yahoo.com OK, Altus 
Moyer, Lynn G. MSgt  FE 18th  moyer2@verizon.net  
Mras, Joe MSgt FE 6th jmras@mchsi.com  
Muir, Lori Maj Pilot 53rd & 57th lorimuir@pacbell.net CA 
Munoz, Terry  LM 7th terry_munoz@comcast.net CA, Windsor 
Murdock, Glyn S. MSgt LM 20th, 443rd TTS & 76th  deemudduck@gmail.com NC 
Murphy, Dennis Capt Pilot 20th MAS dmurphyfl@aol.com FL,  
Murphy, Larry E. TSgt FE 701st, 76th & 57th lmurphy731@hotmail.com TX 
Murray, Isaiah R. Jr. SSgt LM 6th reubenjones7@gmail.com  
Murray, Jim W.  LM 6th & 14th  jimwmurray@charter.net CA 
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