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"I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another. As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades. Such good men."

Quoted  from "These Good Men" by Michael Norman

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Sabol, Paul A. TSgt  Loadmaster 335th, 702nd, & 732nd  jeremiah@metrocast.net  
Sadler, Jack MSgt Flight Engineer 30th & 13th jacksadler@hughes.net TN 
Salazar, Jose D. T. SMSgt  FE 728th & 729th  saladbar@comcast.net  CA, Sanger 
Salcido, Hank 1st Lt Pilot 44th & 15tth  hank@cableone.net  
Sales, John R. Jr. MSgt FE 97th & 313th smoepicker@hotmail.com WA, Arlington 
Salisbury, John "JP" CMSgt LM 30th, 13th, 16th & 6th AS jsalisbury@esascorp.com NJ, Browns Mills 
Sanchez, Albert MSgt FE 728th & 445th unchuy@rock.com  NV, Henderson 
Sanders, Duke CMSgt  LM  3rd, 6th, 14th, 15th & 374th  desanderslm@aol.com  
Satterwhite, Jeffrey B. MAj  Pilot 728th & 729th jswhite123@aol.com  CA, Carlsbad  
Saunders, Darron SSgt FE  8th a328i@hotmail.com  
Saunders, Robert A. Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Savage, Will CMSgt LM 14th, 52d, 15th & the 418th FLTS  will_59@live.com  
Sava, Zaven "Jim" TSgt FE 335th & 732AS mbp_ny@yahoo.com FL 
Scandalito, David L. CMSgt  LM 41st DLS891@aol.com  
Schaffer, James Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Schaffer, Jan SSgt LM 44th  janschaffer46@gmail.com CA, Orange 
Schenk, John C. Navigator 75th jnjschenk@msn.com  WA 
Schierer, Don G.  LM 300th bigd40342@gmail.com  SC, Charleston 
Schless, Bill Col  Pilot 76th MAS, 8th MAS, 4th MAS/DO, 62nd OG/CD & HQ AMC/IGD wfsjms@charter.net IL, O’Fallon IL 
Schliemann, Mil Maj  Nav  30th, 53rd ,57th & 8th  samil@woh.rr.com   
Schmidt, Harold E. TSgt Flight Engineer 9th, 20th & 57th  har_taz52@yahoo.com SC, Summerville 
Schmidt, Howard A. SMSgt  FE 6th MAS, 443rd TTS & 57th MAS howard.schmidt.1@us.af.mil OH, Beavercreek 
Schmit, Laurence W. “Butch” MSgt FE 15th, 443rd TTS & 57th lschmit1@msn.com  TX, Granbury 
Schnaible, Tim MSgt  LM  20th, 16th & 15th  timothy.schnaible.1@us.af.mil  
Schnake, Robert MSgt  86th & 20th bobschnake@yahoo.com  
Schueller, Michael  LM $$th MAS Oleatidaho@gmail  
Schultz, James (Jim) W. Jr. Capt Pilot 20th jim777fly@gmail.com DE, Dover 
Schulz, Peter R, SMSgt FE 732nd pschulz732@gmail.com  
Schumann, John Capt Pilot 18th jschumann@whetstonegroup.com CA, La Jolla 
Schweitzer, Wendell SMSgt  FE 57th  AZ 
Scoggins, David (Dave) B. TSgt FE 15th bandit89@outlook  OH, Lebanon  
Scully, Randy Capt  Pilot 14th & 52nd  randy.scully@gmail.com  
Sears, Don   76th MAS  43don19@gmail.com   
Seath, Dennis J. MSgt FE 732nd & 702nd dwattedwabbit@verizon.net ?? 
Seath, Dennis MSgt FE 732nd & 702nd dwattedwabbit@verizon.net PA 
Secrest, Glenn TSgt LM  76th & 86th  whiskeyglenn@yahoo.com   
Seidband, Joel  Pilot 17th & 6th  jseidband@yahaoo.com  GA, Atlanta  
Seltzer, Charles J. "Jim" Capt  Pilot 14th & 53rd jimseltzer@att.net GA 
Semon, David J. Col  Pilot 30th, 53rd, 15th CC & 36th  semond@comcast.net  
Seydel, Danny SSgt LM 44th, 14th & 62nd MAW seydeld@Comcast.net  WA 
Shadoff, James CMSgt LM 97th & 313th  jshadoff@hotmail.com  
Shanahan, Allen H. Capt Pilot 18th Ashan1011@aol.com  
Shank, Gary SSgt FE 97th BasidiumX@yahoo.com FL 
Shank, Scott B. TSgt FE 20th AS, 22nd AS & 312th AS.  Scottbshank1972@gmail.com  CA, San Diego 
Shannonhouse, David A. Sgt LM 18th MAS Shannonhouse_das@hotmail.com GA, Marietta 
Shaw, Robert MSgt FE 86th bshaw@prodigy.net  
Shaw, Terry W. SSgt LM & FE 300th MAS & 41st MAS  maddogshirt@aol.com FL, Melbourne Beach 
Shedd, Lewis CMSgt FE 14th, 57th & 63rd MAW evielews@aol.com CA CA 
Shelton, David MSgt FE 17th & 20th  dshelton01@aol.com FL 
Sheprow, Mark E. Col  Pilot 18th & 732nd  marksheprow@optonline.net  
Sherburne, William E. MSgt FE  4th & 313th skyhook772004@yahoo.com  
Sherian, John N. Jr., MSgt  FE 732nd, 707th, & 356th johnsherian@yahoo.com  
Sherman, Dennis L. SMSgt  FE 729th densher1@gmail.com  TX, League City 
Sherman, Gregory "Greg" LM 18th gdj@shermanator.biz  
Shuck, Thomas L, MSgt FE 4th MAS, 62nd MAS & 36th MAW tomshuck@embarqmail.com WA,  
Siburn, George G. Capt  Pilot 8th  siburn@sbcglobal.net  CT, Ridgefield 
Sides, Rusby S. CMSgt  FE 4th MAS, 313th ALS & 97th AS russtheflyer@gmail.com  
Sides, Rusby S. CMSgt FE 97th russtheflyer@gmail.com WA, Vancouver 
Sigler, Philip L. CMSgt FE 14th,15th & 52nd  fishman011@verizon.net CA 
Silkebaken, Dennis F., Maj  Pilot 8th & 708th dbaken@hotmail.com IA, Coralville 
Simonds, John D. TSgt  MA 57th stargazer1957@hotmail.com  
Simon, Ronald C. Capt. Navigator 18th  WB3X@AOL.Com  PA 
Sims, Patrick J. "PJ" LM 53rd, 52nd, 30th & 13th  pjsims@cox.net  
Sinchak, Albert Noel, TSgt LM 702nd sinch41@Hotmail.com FL, Palm Bay 
Singh. Inderjit MSgt  FE 702nd & 732nd   indysingh1@aol.com GA, Senoia 
Sinnock, Hugh  Pilot 30th & 6th hughsinnock@yahoo.com  
Sitzenstock, Charles H. Jr. MSgt FE 30th charles.sitzenstock@stny.rr.com NY 
Skoworn, Mike MSgt FE 7th, 32d & 1ACCS itsawingthing@yahoo.com TX, Caldwell 
Slaght, Tom SSgt FE 86th MAS & 20th AS  tomslaght@yahoo.com FL, Navarre 
Sloan, Donald “Don” W. Col Pilot 30th, 732nd & 514th dsloan4487@comcast.net  DE, Dover 
Smith, Bruce J. Maj  3rd bsmith4777@aol.com  
Smith, Craig R. Col  Pilot 20th, 9th, Flt Test Robbins AFB, 707th, 701st CC & 315th VCC crsmith@ellijay.com  
Smith, Dennis C. CMSgt FE 729th jetlag729@sbcglobal.net  
Smith, Frederick S. TSgt LM 76th  f.rsmith@yahoo.com KS, Wichita 
Smith, Gordon E. "Sparky" MSgt  FE 14th, 57th & 729th  zsparkman@juno.com  
Smith, Harlan D. MSgt   728th MAS, 708th MAS & 710th AS  710thmas@gmail.com  CA, Plymouth 
Smith, James L. Lt Col Pilot 86th (2 tours), 60th MAW, Flight Test Robins AFB & 41st jormms@comsouth.net GA, Perry 
Smith, Jay SMSgt FE 18th jaycsmith@aol.com MD, Clinton 
Smith John A. MSgt  14th shadowrider@hotmail.com CA 
Smith, Ken  Pilot 53rd & 86th ksmith@dossaviation.com CO 
Smith, Ken MSgt FE 4th, 7th, 19th, 20th, 57th, 62nd OSS, 443rd TTS c141lifter@comcast.net WA 
Smith, Lester A. TSgt FE 76th & 20th  lesterallensmith1@gmail.com NC, Lincolnton 
Smith, Philip J. CMSgt FE 53rd MAS patriotc141@att.net  TX, Union Valley 
Smith, Philip T. Capt Pilot 44th, 86th & 22nd AF ptssmith2@comcast.net WA 
Smith, R.C. SMSgt  FE 708th, 86th & 75th  rcc5@sbcglobal.net  
Smith, Teddy H. "Pete" MSgt  FE 14th & 729th  petes531@aol.com  
Smock, Kevin A. SSgt FE 7th kevinsmock@netins.net  
Smoot, Granville SSgt LM 18th & 701st livinadream51@gmail.com SC 
Snowden, Clayton, "Gene" CMSgt FE 86th & 22nd AF csnowden@twlakes.net  
Snyder, Gary MSgt FE 57th corvettecowboygs@gmail.com  
Snyder, Kenneth D. TSgt FE 75th, 7th & 312th Ken1236@comcast.net  
Snyder, Ronald L. CMSgt FE 14th, 56th & 443rd MAW atherton@cableone.net OK, Altus 
Soderstrom, Alan SMSgt  FE 18th asoder@aol.com  
Softa, Thomas J. TSgt  FE 9th, 20th, 44st & 86th softy1936@msn.com  
Solo, Mark Maj Gen  Pilot 7th MAS, 8th MAS & 19th AS, marksolo56@gmail.com TX, New Braunfels 
Souder, Chuck FE 7th chucksdc8@hotmail.com   
Sousa, Richard De MSgt FE 13th desousa8001@gmail.com  
Sowerby, Roy TSgt FE 8th SOWER37@FAIR POINT.NET   
Spanos, Johnny "Mike" CMSgt  LM 20th, 76th & 701st  jollymonsp@aol.com   
Speer, Michael J. Lt Col  9th, 30th, 41st, 76th & 21st AF MSpeer10@aol.com  
Spence, Jerry L. TSgt FE 9th & 20th jspence240@yahoo.com   
Spotts, Stephens R. CMSgt LM 57th spottss1@hotmail.com WA 
Spring, Lawrence S. Jr, FE 30th sylvester512002@yahoo.com  
Stacey, George W. CMSgt LM 20th & 9th george_and_donna@roadrunner.com   
Stahl, John P. SMSgt FE  14th & 53rd  lvflteng@cox.net  
Stahre, David Maj Pilot 20th & 443rd MAW dstahre@hotmail.com IL, Cahokia  
Staley, James T. TSgt Loadmaster 4th jamesstaley5853@gmail.com  
Staples, Robert SSgt  LM 8th c130d6@comcast.net   
Starks, Lyle MSgt FE  4th, 14th & 729th lyleonline@rconnects.com NV  
Steelquist, Jim CMSgt  LM 15th, 44th & 86th  JSteelquist@Directcon.net CA 
Stephens, Wendell Lt Col Pilot 57th wdstephens1@bellsouth.net  
Stevenson, Benjamine C.MSgt LM 14th & 53rd dtyred@gmail.com  
Stewart, George F. MSgt  Flight Engineer 41st, 57th & 443rd TTS  gfs1943@yahoo.com  
Stiefel, Mark A. SSgt FE 30th markstiefel@cox.net OK, Yukon 
Stilwell, James E. MSgt FE 701st airlifter141@gmail.com  
Stockand, Richard MSgt FE 708th & 710th rich.stockand@rocketmail.com CA 
Stoney, James H. MSgt  FE 14th stoneyredd@yahoo.com  
Stratton, Richard "Butch" SMSgt  LM 86th & 30th  richphyl@hotmail.com TX  
Stratton, Richard "Butch" W. SMSgt Loadmaster 86th & 30th richphyl@hotmail.com TX, Clyde 
Stribling, Joseph F. Jr. Lt Col Pilot 18th & 300th  joe.stribling@gmail.com  
Strong, W. Strong MSgt  FE  jimmystrong65@gmail.com  ID, North Fork 
Stroud, Thomas E. Maj  Pilot 20th Yanky9@aol.com  
Stroumpis, Evan SSgt  LM 30th &13th  eps242@gmail.com NJ 
Stuck, Scott E. SSgt  FE 18th sestuck@verizon.net  PA 
Suggs, Charles D. Maj Pilot 76th, 41st, 17th & 57th cdsuggs@hotmail.com OK, Altus 
Sullivan, Al MSgt FE 14th MAS and 57th MAS. docsulli@prodigy.net NC 
Sullivan, John J. Col  Pilot 76th,16th,6th & 4th  jtsully41@gmail.com  
Sullivan, Michael H. MSgt FE 7th MAS & 60th MAW sullysvans@yahoo.com CA, Vacaville 
Sunshine, Gabriel Col Pilot 335th & 702nd. The 702nd CC 1974 & 77 - 79 Vice Wg CC 514th  sunshine@nyit.edu   NY, Glen Cove 
Swanson, James W. SMSgt FE 76th  jswanson@hot.rr.com TX, Waco 
Swanson, Norm C. SMSgt LM 728th norm_swanson@netzero.net   
Swartz, William M. Capt  Pilot 6th MAS  bible2357@gmail.com MD, Westminster 
Swezey, Art CMSgt Flight Engineer 20th & 41st aswezey@satx.rr.com  
Swezey, Arthur V. CMSgt  LM 20th & 41st  arthur.swezey@sbcglobal.net  
Sylvain, Andrew SSgt  LM 335th andrew.sylvain@prattandwhitney.com  
Tafs Jr., William D. Lt Col  Pilot 30th, 313th, 728th  wdtafs@gmail.com  WA, Issaquah 
Taggart, Bruce J. SSgt Loadmaster 41st & 300th tag@ccrtc.com  IN, Indianapolis 
Tait, John Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Talley, Newton G. MSgt FE 53rd newtt_talley@yahoo.com IN 
Tallman, Rick  FE 4th rhririck@gmail.com  
Taubeneck, Lynn D. TSgt  FE 313th MAS Taubeneck@sbcglobal.net  TX, Fort Worth 
Taylor, David L. MSgt  LM  20th, 18th & 6th DLTaylor194@msn.com   
Taylor, Henry T. MSgt  FE 707th MAS henrytaylor747@gmail.com SC, Travelers Rest 
Taylor, Tommie CMSgt  LM 16th, 17th, 20th, 57th & 76th tommiediane@yahoo.com  
Tealer, Ivan D. Sgt  FE 15th, 52nd, 53rd, 18th, 708th & 729th  ivant63@gmail.com DE, kaiserslautern 
Tedesco, Richard Lt Col Pilot 4th, Flt Test Warner Robins, 728th & 730th tedesco99@comcast.net MD 
Teel, Douglas W. Lt Col  Pilot 7th & 30th  kc10pilot67@hotmail.com  NH, Hopkinton 
Terkelsen, Hans S. MSgt  FE 14th MAS  Norton AFB 
Terkelsen, Terry N. SSgt  LM 14th MAS, 20th MAS & 729th MAS  terryandrosiet@gmail.com  
Terwilliger, Steven J. MSgt LM  41st, 18th, & 57th  totwig@charter.net  IL, New Baden 
Tesmer, Bruce A. Lt Col Pilot 710th brucetesmer@comcast.net  
Thomas, Michael TSgt LM 730th m_thomas@me.com CO/NV 
Thompson, Charles (Chuck) R. Jr. SSgt FE 6th AS crt23@bellsouth.net  FE 6th AS crt23@bellsouth.net  GA,  
Thompson, Daniel CMSgt LM 728th &730th  carreradt@cfl.rr.com  
Thompson, Ken CMSgt  LM 20th,30th & 4th marythompson1@charter.net OR, Astoria 
Thompson, Paul Maj  Pilot 86th MAS, 60th MAW & 57th MAS  majorstwo@yahoo.com  OR, Yachats 
Thompson, Ronald H. MSgt/Capt.  LM 8th MAS Wtmaster737@comcast.net   WA, Puyallup 
Thompson, Tommy MSgt  FE 14th MAS a11370c@me.com  CA, Simi Valley 
Thornburg, William "Thorny" D. MSgt LM 14th AkThorny@aol.com  
Thorne, John E. "Jack" Lt Col Pilot 76th jetwash141@wavecable.com  
Tiemann, Neal MSgt FE 41st neal_tiemann@hotmail.com  
Tiemann, Neal R. MSgt FE 41st Neal_Tiemann@hotmail.com MD 
Tincher, Lloyd W. Maj  Pilot 75th, 86th, 44th, 60th MAW & 22nd AF tinc@gordonvalley.com  
Tipton, Robert "Bob" E.  FE 701st bobt30101@comcast.net  
Tjaden, Leslie TSgt FE 44th & 7th  ltj69@frontiernet.net  
Totten, Gary A. 1st Lt  Pilot 4th gary@gtotts.com WA, Tacoma 
Tousignant, Neil T. SMSgt  FE 20th & 57th  tousignn@cox.net   
Trageser, Gary W. Lt Col  Pilot 15th gwtrageser@yahoo.com NJ, Sparta  
Tricca, Ron Pilot 6th l1011rjt@metrocast.net  
Troop, Richard R. "Randy" Maj  Pilot 53rd, 4953rd, 300th & 707th  rrboeing@gmail.com  
Trowbridge, Todd SSgt  LM 76th torch10@att.net SC, Charleston 
Troxell, Gregory K.   14th gregktroxell@yahoo.com  
Tucker, Glenn T. MSgt  FE 20th, 57th & 7th Glenn.Tucker@Sekisui-sc.com KY 
Tucker, William R. III MSgt LM 76th, 86th, 89th, 708th, 301st & 312th  wrtuckeriii@yahoo.com CA, Vacaville  
Tufts, Edwin A. II, MSgt LM 41st, 14th, 15th & 437th APS/ADSB  tuftse@knology.net  
Tularaksa, Keith TSgt  FE 86th & 729th kahuna2@cox.net AZ 
Turley, Larry D. MSgt LM 730th AS larry141load@gmail.com  TX, Kerrville 
Twiner, Chris  LM 183rd  shawntwiner@bellsouth.net  
Twombly, Mark TSgt FE 20th & 30th mtwombly@comcast.net  
Uhland, Douglas C. Lt Col  Pilot 6th, 702nd & 732nd  douguhland@suddenlink.net  
Ulm, Mark David. MSgt  FE 53rd & 57th dave.ulm@pacbell.net  CA 
Underwood, Gary Col Pilot 15th, 57th, 7th & 22nd AF gary-underwood@hotmail.com  
Unsworth, Colin E. Maj  Pilot 7th, 702nd & 708th  colin.unsworth@gmail.com PA, Newtown 
Urion, Jim Maj Pilot 14th, 57th & 8th  talon757@netzero.com  
Valle, Chris R. Col  Pilot 41th, 18th & 4th AS/DO  chrisv459@yahoo.com  
Van Boxtel, Gerald H. MSgt  FE 75th & 6th MAS  jerryvb20@hotmail.com  WI, Iola 
Vance, Robert "Bob" M. Lt Col  Navigator 53rd, 8th & 57th  robert.vance.7@us.af.mil  
Vanderwall, Robert L. MSgt LM 44th & 4th vansranch@comcast.net  
Van Devanter, Roy MSgt LM 14th & 53rd papavan5314@gmail.com ID 
Van Haastrecht, Peter Maj  Pilot 76th & 437th MAW vplus12@sympatico.ca SC, Charleston 
Van Meter, Robert M. Maj Pilot 15th galaxyflyerbob@yahoo.com  
Van Rooyen, Robert "Bob" LM 708th bjryan@mindsync.com  
Van Stone, Robert SrA  LM 52nd, 15th & 6th robert_vanstone@verizon.net  
Van Winkle, Russell D.  FE 8th RussellDVanWinkle@hotmail.com  
Vaughan, Michael TSgt FE 8th & 57th mvaughan737@yahoo.com  
Vaughn, Shirley M. SMSgt FE  15th bigguy490@gmail.com  
Velino, John "Jack" Lt Col Navigator 6th, 57th, 443rd TTS & Hq MAC jvelino@charter.net IL 
Ventonis, Richard Capt  Pilot 41st rcvokeo@live.com  
Versley, Cynthia "CJ" TSgt LM 4th gretel.muircastle@gmail.com  
Viera, Gus CMSgt FE 57th gusviera@bellsouth.net  FL 
Violette, Robert MSgt  FE 86th, 18th & 30th   kristoferv@insightbb.com  
Vogel,Russell Sgt LM 18th scooterbumhd@yahoo.com TN 
Voorhees, George MSgt FE 710th Contrails@qroidaho.net  
Voorhies, Russell L. Lt Col  Pilot 4th & 97th  RLVoorhies@yahoo.com  
Wadsley, Victor J. Capt Pilot 14th & 15th vic@wadsley.us CA Fountain Valley 
Wagener, Paul M. MSgt FE 14th & 8th  pwagener@q.com WA, Puyallup 
Waggener, Conrad D. Col  Pilot  4th & 710th wagsplace@comcast.net  
Walberg, Richard J. Col Pilot 57th CC richardjwalberg@gmail.com  
Walker, Mervin MSgt   6th & 732nd  mjrsw9@comcast.net   
Walter, Alex J. "Wookie" LM 4th, 8th & 6th  Bighairyanimal@gmail.com  
Walter, Richard W. Lt Col  Pilot 732nd, 15th, 52nd & 14th dickwalter110@gmail.com  
Wangelin, James SSgt LM 30th jimwangelin@gmail.com NC, Spring lake 
Ward, Bradley CMSgt  FE 30th & 57th  Heyeng.tx@netzero.net  TX 
Ward, Norman L. CMSgt  LM 57th & 443rd MAW nlward@me.com TX 
Wardwell, William S. Lt Col  Pilot  86th & 708th  vibrolux64@aol.com  
Watkins, William "Bill" E. TSgt LM 710th  mach13@comcast.net CA, Vacaville 
Watson, Paul B. Capt Pilot 20th pbwatson@katelbg.com   
Watts, Gary Lee TSgt FE 8th, 97th & 335th wattsbest@gmail.com OR 
Wax, Charles J. "CJ" Maj Gen  Pilot 14th, 438th MAW, 57th, 443rd TTS CC & 60th MAW VC  cwax02@msn.com TX 
Wayne, Rob Maj Pilot 86th MAS, 60th MAW & 708th AS  rob.wayne@gmail.com  
Weaver, Gary R. Col Pilot 41st, 8th, 312th & 710th gweaver12@juno.com TN 
Weaver, Walter SMSgt  FE 18th w.weaver@comcast.net  
Webb, Danny R. Lt Col  Pilot 76th, 701st, 756th, 356th & 89th 747pilot@reagan.com  
Webb, Donald R. SMSgt FE 15th & 63rd MAW Drw4by4@aol.com  
Webb Jr, Edwin (Ed) G. Col  Pilot 14th MAS, 4th MAS & 62nd MAW  edwebbfl@gmail.com   FL, Fort Lauderdale 
Webb, Phil Col  Pilot 86th & 708th PhilWebb2@AOL.COM CA, Vacaville 
Webb, Tom Capt Pilot 18th webbtom@bellsouth.net  
​Weber, Gregory G. MSgt  Flight Engineer 20th & 17th MAS, 17th & 14th ALS & 32nd ARS  Gweber4@cox.net  AZ, Avondale 
Webster, Hiram MSgt FE 437th, 41st, 57th & 41st rhwebster@bellsouth.net SC 
Webster, Teresa CMSgt  FE 97th, 313th & 728th  tmwwebster@comcast.net  
Wedel, Trace SSgt Loadmaster 14th MAS & 730th MAS sixweeds@gmail.com WA, Spokane 
Weeber, Winton "Win" L. Lt Col Pilot 41st & 707th wweeber@prodigy.net  
Weil, Robert "Bob" Capt Pilot 14th & 729th Pilotbob97@hotmail.com FL, Leesburg 
Weir, John H. MSgt  FE 14th & 63rd MAW johnhweir@verizon.net  
Weir, Therman C. Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Weitzman, Steve MSgt FE 53rd & 728th  s.weitzman@live.com  
Welch, Kenneth Capt Pilot 7th chrismik@wi.rr.com WI 
Welch, Michael "Mike" CMSgt  LM 76th, 57th & 443rd TTS  michael.m.welch@boeing.com  CA 
Weldon, John MSgt  FE 76th, 47th, 443rd TTS & 7th  jawsgt701@aol.com   
Wellerman, James E. MSgt FE 6th wellermanj@yahoo.com  
Welser, William III Pilot 57th & 6th CC welseriii@aol.com  
West, Al MSgt FE 53rd & 57th trijetal@msn.com  
Westergard, Billie MSgt FE 702nd Delaware westerb@udel.edu DE 
Wheeler, Jack Capt.  Pilot 20th MAS  jfwheeler44@comcast.net   
Whelan, Jim Lt Col Pilot 75th & 60th MAW jim141a@yahoo.com CA 
White, Floyd D. Jr MSgt FE 30th floydwhite11@bellsouth.net  NC, Charlotte 
Whitehead,Dan MSgt LM 14th, 53rd & 30th  danwdanny141@hotmail.com NC, Nashville 
White, Jeffery "Jeff" Col  Nav 15th, 53rd & 8th rocker.white@yahoo.com   
White, Jim L. Maj Pilot 6th & 14th jw682@sbcglobal.net IN, Fishers 
Whitfield, Dana S. MSgt LM 710th & 313th imobdurate@sbcglobal.net   
Whittington, George E. CMSgt LM 4th, 15th, 728th & 7th chiefwret@aol.com NV 
Whitver, Eric R., SSgt LM 18th erwhitver@gmail.com IA, Ada 
Wideman, Hampton E. Lt Col  Pilot 44th, 18th & 86th  widemanh@bellsouth.net GA 
Wido, Mark Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Wieland, Michael H.  Nav 6th, 18th & 30th wieland@charter.net  
Wiest, Edward, N. SSgt FE 8th MAS, 36th ALS & 7th ALS ed.wiest@gmail.com  Oregon, Woodburn 
Wigfield, Edward CMSgt FE 702nd from 1973 to Aug 1984  wigserve@ptd.net   
Wigfield, Edward CMSgt FE 702nd MAS Wigserve@ptd.net NJ, McGuire 
Wikso, Robert H. MSgt FE 9th, 20th 58th, 709th & 326th rwiksosr@aol.com  
Wilhite, Stephen Maj Nav 86th & 4th  sawilhite@yahoo.com TX 
Williams, Alfred S. SSgt FE 18th MAS   WV, Saint Albans 
Williams, Clint L. MSgt FE 6th MAS clint141fe@msn.com  
Williams, Dave SSgt Flight Engineer 41st & 14th arcadavewilliams@gmail.com SC 
Williams, David E. MSgt FE 30th & 41st dave.williams@comcast.net MD 
Williams, Howard R. SSgt  FE 86th, 1st & Det1 89th MAS  hrw@sbcglobal.net  CA, Sacremento 
Williams, Larry 1st Lt  Nav 14th larry.williams@webtrends.com TX 
Williams, Leo V. MSgt FE 728th & 729th leovee@verizon.net CA 
Williams, Mark A. MSgt  Flight Engineer 76th MAS  Mawill33@hotmail.com  
Williams, Neil SMSgt Admin 443rd TTS (1983-1990) nwilliams48@hotmail.com TX, San Antonio 
Williams, Wayne Everett Capt. Pilot 18th wwilliams985@gmail.com FL, Naples 
Willoughby, Westel W. Lt Col  Nav/Pilot  41st & 4th  westelwilloughby@gmail.com  
Wilson, Allen 'Stump" C, Lt Col Navigator 30th MAS, 13th MAS & 57th AS stumpnav@gmail.com TX, Abilene 
Wilson, Bill MSgt FE 76th, 443rd TTS, & 3rd billw046@gmail.com FL 
Wilson, Steve MSgt  LM 6th sla5326@sbcglobal.net AR 
Winchell, Larry Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC larryw@wavecable.com  
Wingard, James I. CMSgt FE 76th JimWin62@aol.com CA 
Wingett, William "Riley" TSgt Loadmaster 6th rileywing@verizon.net  
Winn, Mike Flight Engineer 76th Mike.Winn@mergent.com  SC 
Winn, Richard B. CMSgt Loadmaster 3rd, 76th & 729th safetyguy141@juno.com  CA, Corona 
Wise-LeClair, Dawn Cheryl TSgt  710th  Travel2play2@yahoo.com  
Withers, David "Dave" Lee TSgt  FE 86th, 708th, 710th, 730th, (756th Attached) & 89th dave.withers@rocketmail.com TN, Knoxville 
Womack, Gary MSgt Flight Engineer 57th 508-482-7949 OK 
Woodham, Skipper H., MSgt FE 8th MAS Skipwoodham@earthlink.net  AL, Dothan 
Wood, Mike Capt  Pilot 7th mike.wood737@gmail.com  
Woods, John AKA "Woody" SMSgt Flight Engineer 14th,15th,18th & 6th john.woods9@verizon.net DE 
Woods, Robert V. Brig Gen  Pilot 15th (May 1978 to August 1982 Ops officer and then Commander. Later ADO & DO 63rd MAW )  falcon72@comcast.net  
Wood, Stephen CMSgt Loadmaster 732nd  sjjwood@comcast.net  
Wood, Troy F. CMSgt FE 8th & 57th troywood103@yahoo.com OK 
Woolfenden, Robert SMSgt FE  702nd & 732nd rwoolfenden@sc.rr.com  
Woosley, Grady MSgt  Loadmaster 14th, 57th & 443rd TTS woosley@suddenlink.net  
Wright, Andrew SMSgt  Flight Engineer  6th, 13th, 19th, 20th & 76th  smoepick@gmail.com CA 
Wright, Stephen "Steve" CMSgt Loadmaster 312th & 710th gizmo41@pacbell.net CA, Dublin 
Wrotny, Marc D.  Pilot 18th wrotnym@aol.com VA 
Wysong, Mike CMSgt Loadmaster 335th, 702nd & 732nd  michael.wysong@comcast.net  
Yarusso, Ralph TSgt  Loadmaster 18th & 732nd  Rvy1115@aol.com  
Yeilding, Richard (Rick) P.  Pilot 8th MAS C141pilot@gmail.com KS, Maize 
Young, Frank MSgt Loadmaster 30th & 335th youngf@suddenlink.net   
Young, George W. Jr.  Loadmaster 335th & 702nd geoyoungeve@Hotmail.com  NJ 
Young, Stu Capt Pilot 14th stu1787@gmail.com  ID 
Zender, Paul CMSgt Flight Engineer 15th & 57th pbzender@cableone.net OK 
Ziegler, Robert "Zig" Loadmaster 730th ziegler.molloy@gmail.com​  
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