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C-141 Final Flight Orders
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NameRankCrew PositionDepartureComments
NameRankCrew PositionDepartureComments
Abram, John Michael   Pilot 03/10/2011 707th 
Ackers, Richard  MSgt MT  31st  
Akin, Ray MSgt FE 03/23/2016 14th MAS 
Allen, John Houston Jr.  Pilot 09/14/2012  
Alston, Albert Joseph (Joe)  MSgt FE 09/18/2011 He served as flight engineer during the Korean & Vietnam wars. Among the highlights of his career was his part in the return of the Apollo 11 astronauts from the Pacific to Houston, TX. He and his crew were also selected to bring the first load of POWs out of Hanoi, Vietnam.  
Arensman, Harold D.  2nd Lt  Pilot 03/20/1975  
Arledge, Earnest (Tom)  Col Pilot 12/23/2014  
Arledge, Earnest (Tom)  Col Pilot 12/23/2014  
Arnold, Jerry Lee III Lt Col Nav 01/01/2009  
Arnold, Peter J.  SSgt LM 03/20/1975  
Asper, Kaare O. Jr.  Maj Pilot 12/21/2004  
Averill, Reid   Pilot 07/26/2009  
Avery, Richard (Dick) Dwight Lt Col Nav 03/31/2017 Chief Navigator in the 15th MAS/63rd MAW 
Ayers, Charles Ray Maj Navigator 09/14/2012  
Aylsworth, Wayne Richard Sr. Sgt LM 01/15/2009  
Babcock, Edward P.  TSgt  FE 08/28/1973  
Baker, Gerald Allen   LM 11/23/2008  
Ballard, Gene Jerome  MSgt FE 08/03/2012  
Barber, William (Bill) L.  SMSgt FE 11/09/2005  
Barks, Harold W.  Maj Pilot 12/28/2003  
Barnes, Wes  SMSgt LM 01/21/2017 15th MAS & 63rd MAW 
Barnes, Wesley Richard Jr.  LM 01/21/2017 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Barnett, Leslie "Barney"  CMSgt FE 06/23/2009 30th & 57th MAS 
Bartlett, William Edgar  Lt Col Pilot 09/21/2008  
Bass, Charlie J.  Sgt LM 08/28/1976 18th  
Baughman, John S. "Jay"  Col Pilot 08/08/2004  
Bauman, Mark S. Bauman MSgt LM 12/08/2013 53rd & HQ AMC  
Beals, Oliver P.  CMSgt FE 06/06/2003 14th 
Beal, Vernon C.  MSgt FE 09/09/2000 14th 
Beaudette, Daniel C.  Lt Col Pilot 08/11/2014  
Beaulieu, Ernest Alexandre  FE 12/04/2016 8th & 30th Military Airlift Squadrons 
Belser, Ritchie Hugh  Col Pilot 08/10/2012  
Benham, Stephen Michael  MSgt FE 05/24/2010  
Bentley, Gary Michael  Maj Pilot 03/24/2013  
Benz, Robert A.  Col Pilot 07/15/2015  
Bernard, Craig  MSgt LM 04/20/2016 707th  
Berringer, William G.  Capt Pilot 04/02/2013  
Bialek, Stanley H. Jr. Lt Col Pilot 11/19/2016  
Bialke, Glenn F.  1st Lt Pilot 08/28/1976 18th 
Bibb, Owen Kurt CMSgt FE 10/24/2010 57th 
Bigelow, Kenneth  MSgt FE 04/09/2012  
Bishop, Tedd Lee  Brig. Gen. Pilot 06/12/2016 Wing Commander: 443rd Military Airlift Wing and 437th Military Airlift Wing 
Bissett, Monte L.  SSgt  FE 11/30/1992 36th  
Blackley, John H. IV  SSgt LM  08/28/1976  702nd 
Blaney, Johnnie Lee  MSgt Loadmaster 02/05/2014 14th 
Bobo, Michael P.  Sgt FE 10/01/1978 14th 
Boger, Thomas Keith   Pilot 08/15/2006  
Bond, Phillip C  MSgt FE 12/31/2013 57th MAS 
Boughton, James P.  Pilot 09/03/2007  
Bowling, James R.  CMSgt LM 04/01/2008  
Bowman, William Redmond  Lt Col Pilot 08/10/2011  
Boyd, Edd  SMSgt  LM  2009 76th & Hq MAC 
Bradley, Alvin J.  SMSgt  LM  12/23/2009 15th  
Bragg, Robert "Bobby" Adam SMSgt FE 05/29/12 7th, 443rd TTS & 57th  
Brenn, Harry M. Capt  Pilot 04/13/1967 4th 
Brignola, David (Dave) MSgt FE 09/15/2013 57th  
Brissette, Leslie C.  Capt  Pilot 08/28/1976 335th 
Brogdon, James Edward  Lt Col Nav 05/14/2011   
Brooker, Laurence M.  Lt Col Nav 09/05/2011  
Brooks, Joseph "Joe" Anthony  MSgt FE 10/04/2007 53rd, 57th, 7th, 86th & 20th  
Brown, Earl  TSgt FE  18th 
Brown, Marshall E.  TSgt FE 04/13/1967  
Brown, Wilbert T. III SrA LM 11/30/1992 36th  
Brumfield, Julian K. ""Pete""   FE 07/08/2010  
Bryant, Perrin Cranford "P.C."  Lt Col Pilot 10/27/2014 1964 - 1968 Charleston AFB 
Bryant, Stacy D.  SSgt LM 09/13/1997 13th 
Buchanan, Harold  CMSgt FE  443rd at Tinker and when C-141 arrived was assigned to the 57th 
Buckley, Clair Daniel "Dan"  SMSgt FE 03/13/2013  
Buckman, Gary A. SrA FE 09/13/1997 13th 
Bucy, Robert "Bob" Michael  MSgt FE  03/08/1989  57th & 443rd TTS 
Buhler, Joe  CMSgt MT  31st  
Bumbaugh, John R. TSgt LM 04/03/2009 14th 
Bumpus, William M. (Bill) Maj Pilot 03/09/2014 C-141 
Burkhart, Kenneth M.  Capt Nav 08/28/1976 732nd 
Burnfield, Watson D.  Col Pilot 02/16/2017 58th Military Airlift Squadron  
Burns, Herbert "Wes" Wesley  FE 01/02/2014 730th  
Burns, Ralph W. Jr.  Lt Col Nav 03/20/1975  
Buroff, Stuart W.  CMSgt FE 12/09/2009 57th 
Bussey, Eugene Capt  06/22/2009  
Butcher, Oscar Jacob  Maj Pilot 01/23/2013  
Bynum, Alanson G.  SSgt FE 03/23/1967  
Camalick, John "Jay"  Pilot 06/05/2010 7th 
Campbell , Ralph W.  MSgt FLight Engineer 06/12/2014  57th Military Airlift Squadron/Airlift Squadron  
Campton, James R.  TSgt FE 03/20/1975  
Canant, Orion Paul Davidson “Paul”  Col Pilot 05/29/2010 Vice Wing Commander of the 436th AW & Base Commander, CAFB 
Cannon, William (Bill) M.  CMSgt LM 03/06/2014 8th 
Canter, Billy J.  TSgt  FE  08/31/1982 41st  
Case, William "Bill" L. III  CMSgt  FE  04/23/1989  57th, 22AF & HQ MAC 
Cash, Frank  Lt Col Nav  729th 
Castaneda, Joe   LM 06/30/2013 8th 
Cauffman, DeWayne E.   FE 11/13/2016 McChord AFB 1974 
Chambers, Mark J.  Capt Pilot 02/20/1989  
Chancey, John W.  Lt Col Pilot 03/06/2012 8th 
Charlebois, Gregory W. MSgt FE 07/23/2003  
Chase, Richard "Dick" H.  SMSgt FE 04/26/2004  57th & 443rd MAW 
Choate , Robert Norman Lt Col Nav 07/04/2015  
Church, Carl H.  TSgt FE 08/18/1974 701st 
Cindrich, Gregory M.  Capt Pilot 09/13/1997 13th 
Clark, Howard E. Jr. MSgt  FE   57th 
Clark, Thomas Sterling Jr Col Nav 08/01/2012  
Cleven, Richard M.  MSgt  FE  08/28/1976 702nd  
Clinard, Fred William  CMSgt LM 01/04/2015 Chief Loadmaster 76th Military Airlift Squadron 
Clowry, James Eugene Lt Col Nav 11/21/2011  
Coggins, Jack L. SMSgt FE 07/19/2015 57th  
Connelly, Thomas Leonard  Col Pilot 04/08/2016 1707th Air Transports Wing initial cadre pilot for the C-141 program and member of the C-5A initial cadre, delivering the first C-5 to the Military Airlift Command in 1969. 174st ATS, 57th MAS & 56th MAS. 
Cooke, Robert "Bob" R. Jr. Col Pilot 03/19/2008  
Cook, Gordon Lee Col Pilot 02/11/2011  
Cooper, Lilburn "Jack" MSgt LM  75th 
Cooper, Stanley Austin  Lt Col Pilot 10/27/2006  
Cope, Jesse M.  SMSgt FE 05/07/2016 McGuire, AFB 
Corbin, Clinton C.  Capt Pilot 08/28/1973  
Corona, Alessandro Jr. Maj  Nav 08/28/1976 702nd 
Cortez, Steven Carl  Maj Pilot 11/27/2014 Retired ABC radio news journalist 
Cosme, Bismark (Pete)   SMSgt  FE  05/14/2016  14th MAS 
Craig, Scott D.  A1C LM 02/20/1989  
Critell, Wilford Junior  CMSgt FE 08/26/2008  
Crump, Arthur B. Sr. TSgt FE 01/04/2012  
Cunningham, "Boland" Nancy Maj FN  31st  
Curry, Harold G.  SMSgt LM 01/06/1997 14th 
Czekanski, James P. Maj. Gen. Pilot 12/14/2012  
Daiber, Daniel C. MSgt FE 02/21/2011  
Dasenbrock , John H.  TSgt FE 07/12/1984 701st 
Davis, Greg SSgt  05/15/2015 53rd 
Davis, Richard Lewis  Lt Col Pilot 01/23/2017 CC 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Decker, Wilson S.  Lt Col Pilot 10/22/2009  
Delgado, Michael O. TSgt LM 11/19/1984 14th 
Delk, Duane H.  MSgt FE 01/11/2010 300th & 701st  
DeLoache, Kelly L.  Lt Col Nav 02/19/2013  
Dempsey, Harry R.  SSgt  FE  08/28/1976 732nd 
Dettmering, William (Bill) R.  Sgt FE 12/12/1982 18th 
Diaz, Thomas Francis SMSgt LM 01/30/2011  
Dietz, Thomas R.  Capt Pilot 08/28/1973  
Dillard, Billy Lee  Lt Col Pilot 04/12/2013  
Distelhorst, Thomas E.  LT Col Pilot 06/17/2005  
Doscher, John Henry Lt Col Nav 12/26/2014  
Dowdell, Michael T. MSgt FE 03/01/1983 14th & 57th 
Down, Robert E.  Capt  Pilot  08/31/1982 41st  
Downs, Ronald "Ron" E.  CMSgt LM 10/14/2010 14th & 57th 
Drager, Justin R.  Amn LM 09/13/1997 13th 
Drown, Robert (Bob) A. MSgt FE 07/4/1989  
Duckwitz, William G. "Bill"  Col Pilot 08/23/2015  
Duncan, William James  CMSgt FE 01/04/2015 Chief Flight Engineer 63rd MAW 
Durrill, James H. SMSgt FE 11/27/2009  
Duwe, Ronald N. Major Nav 05/19/1999 75th 
Earnest, Loren E.  Lt Col Nav 03/09/2012  
Eddings, David F. TSgt FE 08/14/2009  
Edwards, Eugene Lee   FE 06/19/2014  
Edwards, Harry McGee  Col Pilot 07/14/2010  
Eigenrauch, Robert A.  Capt  Nav 08/28/1976 732nd 
Eklund, Rolf Alfred  Lt Col Nav 01/28/2004  
Elam, Gregory Lynden  Capt Pilot 10/06/2015  
Elenga, Lester  MSgt FE 12/23/2006 8th  
Eller, Kenneth (Ken) E.  MSgt  FE  05/19/2002  57th 
Ellestad, Scott Antone  CMSgt LM 06/-4/2014 4th & 57th 
Elling, Stephen Michael Lt Col Pilot 10/30/2008  
Elster, Mark A.  Capt Nav 11/30/1992 4th  
Engel, Donald C.  SMSgt  FE  02/15/2011  15th 
Englar, Roger  Lt Col  Pilot 09/15/2010  57th DO 1973-1974  
Entwistle, Daniel "Dan" Craig  MSgt FE 10/05/2014 McChord AFB Reserves 
Epstein, Howard M.  Col Pilot 03/03/2017  
Erb, Eldon "Al"  SMSgt LM 08/09/2010   729th & 728th 
Estes, Albert W. Jr. Col Pilot 03/12/2010 53rd & 436th MAW CC 
Evans, Robert K.  SSgt FE 09/13/1997 13th 
Evans, William Andrew  Lt Col Pilot 02/25/2012  
Eve, Frank A.  Capt Pilot 03/20/1975  
Farquhar, Sidney H.  MSgt LM 04/04/2005 57th 
Farrer, James Ernest  Maj Pilot 11/16/2012  
Fausch, John Marshall  SMSgt LM 03/16/2014 57th 
Favillo, Giovanni "John" TSgt FE 03/03/2017 20th Military Airlift Squadron  
Feigert, David Jacob Lt Col Pilot 08/02/2011  
Fenton, Don SSgt MT  31st  
Fields, Thomas Wesley  MSgt FE 02/12/2014 Retired at Norton AFB with over 13,000 flying hours on the C-54, C-124 and C-141 aircraft 
Finley, John G.  MSgt FE 12/21/2008  
Fisher, Donald P. Maj Pilot 06/26/2006  
Fisk, John  SrA MT  31st  
Flanik, Roger J. "Bud"  Maj Pilot 05/21/2016 3rd Air Transport Squadron 
Fletcher, William A. "Bill"  MSgt FE 01/05/2017 41st Military Airlift squadron 
Foster, Raymond Leon  Col Pilot 06/30/2010  
France, John Willey  MSgt LM 01/04/2015  
Francis, Jeffrey Edward  MSgt FE 07/17/2008 6th 
Franklin, Louie   Pilot 02/14/2017  
Franklin, Robert J. “Bob”  Col Pilot 10/04/2016  
Fremming, Donald J.   Pilot 09/11/2010   
French, Jimmie   Pilot 06/24/2016  
Funck, Alfred  SSgt FE 03/23/1967  
Gaffney, John Edward  Lt Col Nav 12/20/2016 14th Military Airlift Squadron 
Garbarini, Pete F. Jr. Lt Col Pilot 03/04/2012 41st 
Gardels, Dean Ramon (Rusty)  MSgt LM 12/31/2009  
Gardner, Darnell  SSgt FE 07/12/1984 701st 
Garner, Freddie Wayne  TSgt FE 10/29/2009 57th 
Garrison, George A., Jr. (Scottie) SMSgt FE 02/01/1997  
Gartside, Gail L. Lt Col Flt Nurse 03/14/2010  
Gaskin, Robert D. A1C LM 03/20/1975  
Gibson, James Keith Col Pilot 05/30/2016 Chief Test Pilot for the Air Force C141 project & awarded the Air Force Cross. 
Gilstrap, Clyde Raymond  CMSgt LM 09/10/2014  
Girven, Donald Keith  MSgt LM 03/05/2013  
Gist, Allan W.  Capt  Nav  08/31/1982 41st  
Goddard, Mary A.  Col FN 07/08/2014 C-141 
Gonzales, John D. Jr TSgt FE 06/26/2011 76th, 18th, 57th & 443rd TTS 
Gonzalez, Raymundo V. Sr MSgt FE 06/10/2008  
Goolsby, Harvey L.  SMSgt  FE 03/02/2011 30th  
Gordon, Richard Lee Lt Col Pilot 12/01/2002  
Gourley, George F. Jr. MSgt FE 12/12/2008  
Grapperhaus, Steven A.  1st Lt Pilot 07/12/1984 701st 
Greeley, Philip James Sr. Col Pilot 08/21/2016 Travis AFB 
Green, Darrell D.  Col Pilot 05/18/2016 22nd AF/ADO at Travis AFB 
Greiner, Walter Anthony  Maj Nav 03/03/2010  
Griffin, Estie Morris (Griff) MSgt LM 03/20/2013  
Griffin, Irvin Linwood (Grif) MSgt FE 06/07/2004  
Griffith, John William  Col Pilot 05/08/2012  
Griggs, Ray  TSgt FE 03/31/2017 14th MAS 
Grisak, Conrad G.  MSgt FE 09/30/2011  
Grooms, John  SMSgt LM  57th & 443rd TTS 
Gross, James (Jim) F.  MSgt FE 03/20/2000 57th 
Grover, David Beckham Col Nav 01/10/2013  
Grubbs, Ronald D.  TSgt FE 02/20/1989  
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