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C-141 Final Flight Orders
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NameRankCrew PositionDepartureComments
NameRankCrew PositionDepartureComments
Keppler, Norman   LM 11/23/2014 8th 
Macarthur, Timothy Stuart   Pilot 02/18/2006  
MacDonald, Gerard H. "Gerry"  Lt Col Pilot 08/23/2012  
MacDonald, Roger Finley Jr.  MSgt FE 12/24/2005 18th 
Macklin , Paul Robert  Lt Col Pilot 08/25/2017  
Maguire, Kevin M. Capt Nav 11/30/1992 8th 
Mahy, Harold E. TSgt LM 04/13/1967  
Markey, William (Bill)  Maj Nav 11/24/2016 Charleston AFB 
Marks, William C. Jr.   FE 11/24/2004 86th 
Marshall, Everett L.  MSgt FE 02/14/2011 15th 
Martin, Barbara  Col FN  31st 
Martin, Joseph Patrick  Maj Pilot 02/26/2004  
Martin, kenneth  SMSgt FE 11/21/2010 7th 
Martin, William G. 1st Lt  Pilot 08/28/1976 732nd 
Mason, James "Alex" Jr.,  Capt Pilot 05/11/2012  
Massingale, John T. Jr Col Pilot 09/05/2011 14th CC 
Mathe, Clyde J. Sr. MSgt FE 12/26/2016 58th MAS & was a crew member on the B-17, KB-29, KB-50, KB-50J, WB-50, and C-141 
Matles, Ronald  Maj Pilot 09/04/2009  
Maycock, Sidney M. Sr. TSgt LM 06/04/2011  
Maylone, Eugene E.   FE 08/31/2011 He was a member of the first crew to fly the C-141. 
McCann, Robert E.  MSgt LM 12/24/2014 335th 
McCraw, Donald Douglas "Doug"  MSgt LM 01/23/2016 McChord AFB 
McCullers, Donald "Mac"  CMSgt Loadmaster 11/27/2017  
McEachern, Mary Christena "Chris"  Col FN 12/09/2014  
McEwan, Alexander H. CMSgt LM  14th 
McGarry, Robert J.  MSgt FE 03/20/1975  
McGowan,  Lt Col Pilot  7th 
McKinnis, Wayne A.  Lt Col Pilot 11/13/2011 86th, 57th & 2875th Test Group 
McKinny, Alexander  Lt Col Pilot 06/17/2006  
McNair, James Daniel  Maj Pilot 01/28/2010  
McNally, John R.  Capt Pilot 08/28/1976 732nd 
McNeil, Joseph "Joe" Alexander Jr. Maj Nav 07/25/2016 McChord & 22nd AF  
McNeilly, Elmer A. Jr.  Maj Nav 08/31/1982 41st 
McQuaig, William Walter "Bill"  MSgt LM 12/04/2010  
Mead, Ralph Tracy Jr, Lt Col Pilot 04/01/2014 57th & 58th CC, & 97th AMW Director of Staff 
Meeks, Robert M.  Maj Pilot 08/31/1982 41st 
Meisner, Stephen J.  Sgt LM 11/14/2009  
Melby, Robert P.  CMSgt FE 06/01/2011  
Melby, Roger  Maj Pilot 07/25/2013 7th & 8th 
Metzger, Langford C. Capt Nav 06/13/1991 14th MAS 
Metzger, Langford (Lang) C. Capt  Capt Navigator  14th MAS 
Meyer, Gail SMSgt FE 03/18/2009 14th & 57th 
Meyer, Rick MSgt FE  707th 
Mikolajcik, Thomas Roy BGen Pilot 04/17/2010 437th WG CC 
Miller, Herman E.  MSgt FE 04/13/1967 4th 
Miller, Jesse MSgt Flight Engineer 07/26/2018 20th MAS 
Miller, Paul Edward  MSgt FE 10/06/2015 18th 1974 to 1988  
Miller, Stephen Craig  Maj Pilot 06/07/2012  
Milner, Barney J.  Lt Col Pilot 06/04/2010 57th CC 1970-1971 
Milnes, Richard C.  BGen Pilot 04/09/2003  
Minnis, Charles W. "Bill", Jr. Capt Pilot 06/18/2007  
Mitchell, James "Jimmie" A. Civ TRNSP 07/16/2007 57th 
Miyoshi, Terrence J.  SSgt FE 11/30/1992 36th 
Molton, William (Bill) Maj Nav 07/29/2015  
Morehouse, Buddy Brice MSgt FE 05/01/1998 57th 
Moreland, George A.  A1C LM 11/30/1992 36th 
Morell, Paul A.  Capt Pilot 10/04/2009  
Morren, Jack H.  MSgt Flight Engineer 01/13/2018 57th MAS & 443rd TTS 
Morren,, Jack H. Jr. MSgt Flight Engineer 01/13/2018 57th MAS, 443rd TTS, Hughes Tng & Flight Safety 
Morris, Aubrey  Lt Col Pilot 09/21/2016  
Morris, Dan Lt Col Pilot 07/09/2008  
Morris, Robin   LM  03/28/2012 89th 
Muat, Dan Thomas  Col Pilot 01/10/2011  
Mulligan, Rogers Jr.  CMSgt FE 01/17/2011 14th 
Murphy, Emmett D.  Lt Col Pilot 07/14/2008  
Murphy, Frank N. "Pat"  Maj Pilot 09/17/2004  
Myers, William Webster  Lt Col Pilot 06/25/2005  
Nash, Albert "Al" A.  SMSgt FE 09/03/2013 30th & crew member on AC-119K, tail number 883 story 
Nelson, John E.  MSgt LM 12/31/2014  
Newberry, James (Jim)  CMSgt LM 04/24/2015 315th AW 
Neyman, Thomas "Tom" E.  MSgt LM 12/29/2013 15th MAS 
Nicholson, Monty G.  CMSgt LM 08/31/1982 41st 
Noble, Jerry W.  Lt Col Pilot 07/04/2003  
North, James T. SMSgt LM 02/21/2010 14th 
Oates, Richard  Lt Col Pilot 11/30/2015 76th MAS 
O'Bryan, Leo Francis Jr Maj Pilot 09/15/2015  
Ogden, Doyle D.  Maj Pilot 01/28/2012  
Ogonowski, John A. Capt Pilot 09/11/2001 41st, Pilot on AA Flt 11 that impacted WTC on 9/11/2001 
O' Grady Richard  MSgt Flight Engineer 12/23/2017 8th MAS 
Olsen, George W.  MSgt FE 02/08/2011  
Olson, Arthur S.  Col Pilot 08/28/2014 349th 
Orman, Lowell T.   LM 11/06/2014 14th  
Osier, Ronald P. MSgt FE 01/27/2010 14th 
Osmonson, Stephen  Sgt FE 05/09/2010  
Osterfeld, Peter L. TSgt FE 11/30/1992 36th 
Ott, Forrest  Lt Col Pilot 06/03/2013 76th MAS 
Outland, Kenneth J.  Col Pilot 05/13/2012  
Owens, Vurley DeLana "VD" CMSgt LM 06/22/2016 30th MAS & 438th MAW 
Palmisano, William Joseph Sr. CMSgt LM 06/26/2016 Flew as a loadmaster on every cargo aircraft in the AF inventory from the C-54 to the C-5 and spent part of his career in the classroom as an instructor loadmaster. 
Palmisano, William Joseph Sr. CMSgt LM 06/26/2016  
Parent, Edward D.  Capt Pilot 11/30/1992 35th 
Parker, Joseph A. Jr. Maj Nav 11/11/2010  
Parker, Richard J.  CMSgt FE 10/16/2007 18th 
Parrishm, Edgar Brooks  TSgt FE 11/17/2009  
Parrott, George R.  MSgt FE 2007 57th 
Parsons, Douglas Eugene  Maj Pilot 08/09/2014 15th 
Pasch, David MSgt FE 02/18/2010 57th 
Patriquin, Larry A.  CMSgt FE 04/12/1983 57th 
Patterson, Robert Henry "Bob"  Capt Pilot 12/05/2016 446th MAW 
Payne, Edwin C.  Maj  08/18/1976 732nd 
Payne, Gary T.  SSgt FE 11/12/1980  
Peer, Garland B.  TSgt FE 08/28/1976 18th 
Pequeno, Raul "PQ"  MSgt FE  53rd 
Peron, Carlos M.  SSgt FE 08/28/1976 18th 
Peters, Barney D.  SMSgt FE 11/10/2011 57th 
Phillips, Claude Allan  Lt Col Pilot 07/14/2010  
Phillips, Mickey T. TSgt Loadmaster 03/15/2008 76th MAS 
Pigott, George E.  Col Pilot 06/11/2011  
Pilotte, Ellard "Stub"  Col Pilot 12/16/2011  
Plagman, Gerald D.  SMSgt FE  14th 
Polenske, Dale K.  Lt Col Pilot 11/29/2006  
Powell, Thomas E. CMSgt FE 03/03/2013 76th MAS 
Premo, Harold L.  Col Pilot 09/26/1999 Flight Test Pilot, Instructor/Flight Examiner & retired February 01, 1970 
Presley, David C. MSgt FE 04/04/2017 Norton & Altus AFB 
Prosser, Terry Lee  Maj Pilot 11/11/2016  
Prunty, Margaret Ann "Ryan"  Maj FN 05/09/2010  
Przestrzelski, Joseph "Joe" John  MSgt FE 03/24/2013  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Randall, Ernest T. Lt Col Pilot 10/10/2012  
Randall, Steven Ray  MSgt LM 04/08/2013  
Rash, Thomas W.  Col Pilot 04/28/2012  
Rice, Orval L.  Lt Col Pilot 02/27/2013  
Robert Orr MSgt Loadmaster 08/01/2018 C-141’s and C-17’s 
Rudner, Michael J.  MSgt LM 05/22/2012 728th 
Ryan, William Barry  Col Pilot 07/03/2012  
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