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C-141 Final Flight Orders
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NameRankCrew PositionDepartureComments
NameRankCrew PositionDepartureComments
Quinn, Patrick F.  TSgt Loadmaster 08/28/1976  18th 
Raley, James H. Jr.  MSgt Flight Engineer 12/22/2005  57th  
Ramsey, Jason S.  Capt Pilot 09/13/1997 13th 
Randle, Elaine Franta  Lt Col Flight Nurse 01/12/2007  
Rathke, James R.  MSgt Flight Engineer 05/31/2014 15th & 57th MAS  
Ray, Charles "Charlie" Kendrick CMSgt Loadmaster 07/08/2016 Long time C-130 LM mostly in Asia, C-141 LM in the 15 MAS at Norton. Was 63 MAW Senior Enlisted Advisor under then Col Duane Cassidy, MAC Senior Enlisted Advisor at Scott. Retired at Norton from the NCO Academy. 
Reed, Franklin Eugene  SMSgt Flight Engineer 09/30/2011  
Reichman, Roger R.  Lt Col Pilot 01/23/2011  
Remerscheid, John W.  SSgt Flight Engineer 02/20/1989  
Rice, Monford Clark  Lt Col Nav 02/10/2012  
Richardson, Joe R. Maj Nav 04/15/2014 C-141 & C-5 
Richardson, Mark Clay  MSgt Flight Engineer 05/04/2014 C-141 & C-5 
Richmond, William Jr.  TSgt Flight Engineer 03/24/2004  
Ridgway, Donald L.  Lt Col Pilot 08/10/2016 Dover AFB 
Riney, Robert L.  Maj Pilot 06/06/2008  
Ristau, James Kevin  MSgt Flight Engineer 01/28/2012 730th 
Rivera, Refugio  MSgt Flight Engineer 07/12/1984 701st 
Roach, Judd  Capt Pilot 03/21/1980 57th 
Roberts, Donald R.  Lt Col Pilot 02/09/2008  
Roberts, Elmer  MSgt Flight Engineer  57th 
Roberts, Scott N. SSgt Flight Engineer 09/13/1997 13th 
Robinson, Jerrell  MSgt Loadmaster 05/31/1998 183rd 
Robinson, Richard Osmond  Col Pilot 09/25/2011  
Rodeheaver, Clarence G. Jr. Lt Col Pilot 09/14/2016  
Roe, Will  MSgt Flight Engineer   
Rogue, Oscar  T. E.   SMSgt Loadmaster 05/24/1999 76th MAS 
Rolens, Thomas Hugo  CMSgt Loadmaster 12/12/2014  
Roodzant, Leslie (Les) Lt Col Pilot 03/10/2013 8th  
Rossi, James "Jim"  CMSgt Loadmaster 06/26/2015  729th & Senior Enlisted Advisior HQ AFR 1991 - 1995 
Royston, David C.   Loadmaster 08/14/2009  
Rubino, LeRoy "Lee" Louis  MSgt Flight Engineer 07/04/2016 18th 
Rudner, Michael J.  Loadmaster 05.22.2012 728th 
Rugulo, Gilbert J.  CMSgt Flight Engineer 05/29/2011 702nd and Senior Enlisted Advisor of the 514 MAW.  
Runyen, Donald "Don" L.  CMSgt Flight Engineer 09/24/2014 C-141 & KC-10 
Russell, Benson M. Maj Navigator 02/15/2012 76th MAS 
Rutter, John S. "Jack"  Lt Col Pilot 01/02/2009 8th 
Sadler, Thomas (Tom) M. Maj. Gen. Pilot 09/07/2015 437th MAW CC & 21st Air Force CC 
Salinas, Juan J. CMSgt Loadmaster 10/01/2014 729th C-141 & C-17 LM 
Salley, Walter MSgt Flight Engineer 10/22/2015 57th 
Sammons, Larry L. CMSgt Loadmaster 10/29/2013 730th 
Santoro, John R.  MSgt Maint Tech 10/08/2006  
Sasse, Albert "Al"  MSgt Flight Engineer 09/08/2018 8th & 57t MAS 
Sasse, Albert "Al"  MSgt Flight Engineer 09/08/2018 14th & 57th MAS 
Sass, Kenneth O.   Flight Engineer 10/16/2006 Flew: DC-3, B-25, B-29, C-97 and C-141 planes accumulating more than 30,000 hours 
Savage, George Joseph  Col Pilot 12/17/2012  
Savoy, Kenneth G.   Flight Engineer 07/25/2006  
Schleier, Erich Edwin, Jr.  Lt Col Pilot 08/05/2010 First C-141 SQ CC the 1741st & later designated 57th MAS  
Schmidt, Eugene A.  MSgt Flight Engineer 11/10/1981 14th 
Sechrist,Harry SMSgt Flight Engineer  15th MAS and initial 63rd MAW cadre 
Selbe, George  MSgt Flight Engineer 08/11/2002 76th MAS 
Self, Kip L. Maj Gen Pilot 01/06/2018 62nd MAW & 16th AS 
Sharp, Alan Giles  Maj. Gen. Pilot 08/11/2016  
Shepard, J. "Jack" Jessup, Jr. MSgt Flight Engineer 12/27/2011 3rd & 76th 
Shipley, Franklin G.   Flight Engineer 09/12/2011  
Shultz, Roy E. Jr.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 04/13/1967  
Sieb, Joseph W.  TSgt Flight Engineer 03/31/2013 18th 
Sieczynski, l Ervin E.  Lt Col Pilot 10/21/2014  
Sielewicz, David J.  Capt Pilot 11/30/1992 36th 
Sienkiewicz, Alexander M.  TSgt Loadmaster 10/10/2009 18th 
Simmons, Bland Ballard  Col Pilot 06/29/2014 C-141 
Simpson, Durell   Flight Engineer 04/15/2009  
Simpson, James E.  TSgt Loadmaster 07/12/1984 701st 
Sims, Ulysses J. (Sonny)  MSgt Flight Engineer 01/14/2017 15th MAS and 52nd MAS  
Sinenci, Frank  SrA Maint Tech  31st 
Skau, Norman William   Flight Engineer 08/19/2006 313th 
Sledge, Thomas N.  Lt Col Pilot 12/25/2008 172nd 
Sloyer, Wayne  Lt Col Nav 03/24/2008  
Smathers, Scott Michael   Pilot 11/28/2007  
Smith, Bobby l. MSgt Loadmaster 06/06/2001 76th MAS 
Smith, George Donald    12/03/2003  
Smith, Harry French Jr.  Col Pilot 04/06/2010 Altus (443rd) WG CC 
Smith, Joel H.   Flight Engineer 12/18/2007  
Smith, John Sherman III "Jerry"  Lt Col  Pilot 04/15/2011  
Smith, Kveta Royce Yenzer   Navigator 03/11/2012  
Smith, Leroy Harold (Lee)   Pilot 02/12/2008  
Smith, Thomas "Spinner" Mantor  MSgt Loadmaster 06/22/2012  
Snyder, Ronald LeRoy  CMSgt Flight Engineer 12/19/2017 C-141 & C-5 FE assigned to Norton & Altus AFB 
Southwick, Kris Robert  Capt Pilot 03/29/2013 18th 
Sparks, David A.  Capt Pilot 09/26/2011  
Spillers, Willum H. "Harry" Jr. Brig Gen Pilot 05/17/2015 First MATS pilot to fly the C-141 
Stahl, Edward Schuyler  Lt Col Pilot 12/01/2016 Commander of the 75th Military Airlift Squadron and also served on the staff of the 60th Military Airlift Wing. 
Stamper, John Paul  Capt Pilot 07/11/2016 McChord AFB 
Stampley, John  Lt Col Navigator 08/27/2008  
Standfield, Roberet  MSgt Flight Engineer 07/30/2015 76th MAS 
Starkel, Max P.  Capt Pilot 03/23/1967  
Stefanski, Henry "Hank"  CMSgt Loadmaster 10/16/2012  
Stephens, Danny Jay   Flight Engineer 06/27/2002  
Stephens, Robert B.  Maj Gen  Pilot 03/08/2011  58th, 701st, 707th CC, 315th VC, & 315th CC  
Stiers, Bobby Lee  MSgt Flight Engineer 12/29/2014 C-141 & Owner: Salty Sarge Military Surplus Sales 
Stokes, Terry Ray  MSgt Loadmaster 09/03/2012  
Stone, Henry "Hank"  SMSgt Flight Engineer 01/03/2010 15th 
Storms, Dwight Robert "Stormy",  MSgt Flight Engineer 07/12/2012  
Storm, Steven L.   Loadmaster 09/13/2017  
Stump, Billy Martin  SMSgt Flight Engineer 03/11/2015 4th 
Sulger, Evelyn Marjorie "Margie,"  Lt Col Flight Nurse 12/12/2009  
Sullivan, Leo D.  1st Lt Pilot 08/28/1976 18th 
Summers, Gary C.  TSgt Flight Engineer 06/16/2008 Travis & 57th  
Sweatman, Jack C. III  Sgt Loadmaster 08/31/1982 41st  
Swissler, Philip J. Jr Col Pilot 12/06/2016  
Tamburrino, Richard Victor  Capt Pilot 07/11/2011  
Tartaglione, Dominic  CMSgt Loadmaster 03/11/2014 C-141 
Taylor, Candice "Candy"  MSgt Flight Engineer  701st 
Temple, Russell Stuart  MSgt Loadmaster 09/21/2016 437th MAW 
Terbush, Thomas "Tom" A.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 07/05/2010 57th 
Thibedeau, Gilbert  MSgt Flight Engineer 01/31/2007  
Thomas, Rodger D.  MSgt Flight Engineer 02/2001 6th 
Thomas, William "Bill"  Lt Col Pilot 09/21/1989 57th & 443rd ABG  
Thompson, Daniel P. CMSgt Loadmaster 01/22/2010 728th 
Thompson, Francis Eugene "Frank" III Lt Col Pilot 07/06/2007  
Thompson, Michael  CMSgt Loadmaster  730th 
Thompson, Theodore "Ted" M.  Capt Pilot 01/31/2000 14th - Captain of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which lost the horizontal stabilizer jack screw and crashed into the Pacific Ocean off of LAX. He made all the right decisions during a terrible situation.  
Thornton, Richard B.  Lt Col Navigator 03/20/1975  
Totty, Edwin K. Maj Pilot 12/31/2003 18th 
Treloar, Jerry L.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 01/21/2014   57th & 443rd TTS  
Trimble, James (Jim) W.  CMSgt Loadmaster 04/10/2014 18th, 57th & CINCMAC Crew Member  
Trosky, Chester Joseph Jr.  Maj Pilot 05/14/2005  Landing of a mortally crippled plane in Australia.  
Turkaly, Michael "Mike"  MSgt Adm 06/21/2010 57th 
Tuttle, Dwayne  Lt Col Pilot 02/03/2004 57th 
Tuttle, William E. Tuttle Jr. SMSgt Flight Engineer 01/13/2018 30th MAS 
Vallejo, Peter C.  Capt Pilot 09/13/1997 13th 
Vanarsdall, Daniel W.  SSgt Loadmaster 08/31/1982 41st 
Vargas, Gaston J.  TSgt Flight Engineer 08/28/1976 732nd 
Vautilburgh, Harold Gregg  Capt Pilot 11/02/2012  
Vesper, Leroy   Flight Engineer 09/18/2014 710th Military Airlift Squadron 
Vogler, Edward Richard  Col Pilot 05/25/2003  
Wachsman, Ronald William  Loadmaster 08/19/2017  
Walker, Frankie L.  SrA FCC 09/13/1997 13th 
Walker, Robert Henry  Maj Pilot 01/28/2013  
Walker, Robert Wesley  MSgt Flight Engineer 02/10/2015 McGuire AFB Flight Simulator Instructor 
Wallace, H.K. (Wally) CMSgt LM 03/10/2001  ART Supervisor 708 and 710 MAS 
Walsh, Francis Philippe Robert   Pilot 10/19/2003  
Walther, W. R. "Bill"   Pilot 08/15/2004  
Warack, Christian A.  Lt Col Pilot 10/27/1999 14th CC 
Warren III, Wadsworth "Pete"  Maj. Pilot 01/01/1994 76th 
Waters, Richard S.   Flight Engineer 03/12/2008  
Waters, Samuel Lee  MSgt Loadmaster 09/29/2012 20th 
Way, Douglas Eugene  MSgt Loadmaster 06/28/2017  
Webb, Donald (Donnie) Ray  SMSgt Flight Engineer 03/07/2014 15th  
Websterm, Daniel Scott  MSgt Loadmaster 01/13/2009  
Weddell, Edward A.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 05/31/2007  
Welch, Jack D.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 04/18/2008 57th 
Welch, Patrick A.  Capt Pilot 11/12/1989  
Wells, Donald R.  TSgt Flight Engineer 08/28/1973  
Welton, Lowrie  Col Pilot 11/01/2011  
Werth, Barbara  Lt Col Flight Nurse  31st 
Wert, Robert  TSgt Flight Engineer 02/11/2010 14th 
Wharton, Browning C.  Brig Gen Pilot 09/26/2014 Vice Commander, 22nd Air Force 1984 
Whiteman, W. Stark  Lt Col Pilot  15th & 57th 
Whitney, Wells W. (Skip) Jr.  Maj Pilot 04/25/2014 732nd 
Wicks, John S.  Capt Pilot 04/25/2006  
Wilhoite, Robert "Bob" Maj  09/11/2018 OIC TTS Tng Section 
Wilkinson, Banks E.  Capt Pilot 11/30/1992 36th 
Williams, Glenn R.  SSgt Loadmaster 11/12/1980  
Williams, Jarvis M. 'Joe'  CMSgt Flight Engineer 12/29/2016 Charleston AFB 
Williams, Willie B. MSgt Loadmaster 11/02/2013  15th  
Willis, Frank Edward  Maj. Gen. Pilot 03/10/2017  
Willis, William A.  Col Pilot 09/24/2011 Commanded the 943rd Military Airlift Group and the 315th Military Airlift Wing  
Wilson, Alan L.  Maj Pilot 07/12/1984 701st 
Wilson, Jeffery T.  2nd Lt Navigator 08/28/1976 18th 
Wilson, Vinson Thomas Col Pilot 03/09/2013 728th CC & 445th MAW CC 
Witkowski, Gary  CMSgt Loadmaster  58th, 20th, 57th & 443rd TTS  
Witt, Daniel Jude  Lt Col Pilot 05/30/2008  
Witt, Morris B.  1st Lt Navigator 04/13/1967 4th 
Witt, Raymond Julian  Lt Col Pilot 08/30/2017  
Wollin, Donald W.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 01/20/2014  
Wood, John Trigg III Lt Col Pilot 01/06/2005  
Wright, Henry B.  TSgt Flight Engineer  14th 
Wright, John Calvin  Lt Col Pilot 03/14/2017 Charleston AFB 
Wright, Robert E. Sr.  MSgt Loadmaster 02/20/1989  
Yepes, Dan  SMSgt Loadmaster  730th 
Yonkie, Paul Eugene  TSgt Flight Engineer 09/01/1968 76th - Military Airlift Command’s first casualty of the Vietnam War  
Young, David R.  TSgt Flight Engineer 11/30/1992 57th & 36th 
Young, John F.  Capt Pilot 02/20/1989  
Youtsey, Orval  MSgt Flight Engineer 07/08/2017 76th MAS 
Zender, Paul Joseph  CMSgt Flight Engineer 01/30/2018 As a flight engineer he flew on the C-124s with the 31st MAS at Dover AFB, DE; C-7s with the 459th TAS at Phu Cat Air Base, VN; and the C-141 aircraft with the 15th MAS at Norton AFB, CA from 1971 till 1975; and the 57th MAS at Altus AFB, OK from 1975 till 1989. In 1986 Chief Zender was selected to serve as the 443rd MAW Senior Enlisted Advisor till his retirement in 1989. 
Zirkenbach, Carl  TSgt Loadmaster 08/03/2018 6th MAS 
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