First C-141 Flying Squadron's

First C-141 Flying Squadron

The 1741st Air Transport Squadron (ATS) was the first Military Air Transport Service (MATS) unit to fly the C-141 aircraft. The 1741st was designated the C-141 training squadron for its five-year accident-free record and the squadron had an excellent reputation of high morale. The 1741st was located at Tinker AFB, OK. In January 1966 the 57th Military Airlift Squadron would would absorb the men and equipment of the 1741st ATS.

Commander of the first C-141 squadron (1741st) was Lt Col Erich E. Schleier, Jr.

First line operational unit to fly the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter.

The 44th Air Transport Squadron at Travis AFB, CA became the first line operational unit on 23 April 1965