Three hundred fifty pavers will be installed

Will you be in the formation around the C-141 Memorial Monument?

The following 86 + will be in formation standing around the C-141 Memorial Monument. They have ordered a paver or pavers to be placed around the C-141 Memorial Monument. 

Welch, Carr, Sasse, Webster, Griesa, Griesa, Nicolls, Kaminski, Drake, Wolfe, Fore, Whitver, Fultz, Tait, Tait, Farmer, McVay, Fultz, Rocha, Williams, Godek, Tularaksa, Castanedo, Griffin, Church, Alley, Dollarhide, LaGuire, LaGuire, Tedesco, Francis, Waddell, Waddell, Schueller, Weir, Shedd, Martin, Smith, Ward, Ward, Sava, Cochran, Wadsley, Wadsley, Brown, Jennings, Matus, Van Haastrecht, Peters, Brewer, Cain, Hightower, Klindt, Irelan, Irelan, Polhemus, Polhemus, Caulfield, Post, Koleda, Zender, Giles, Hasz, Bundy, Doornbos, Hall, Hall, Lawhorn, Stockand, Kelly, Weldon, Evans, 
Hull, Slaght, McCabe, Martin, Lenhart, Daugherty, Pickett, Cerny, Salazar, Crockett, Crockett, Levy, Gilbert, Daggitt      YOUR NAME HERE _________?

Applications are coming in - Don't miss out

You can still order a paver to be inscribed with your name on it or that of a friend ... Don't wait too late.
Woodie Hall 07/20/2017

C-141 Starlifter Memorial Monument 
Tinker AFB Airpark

A C-141 Memorial Monument has been placed within the Major Charles B. Hall Memorial Airpark at Tinker Air Force Base. The monument itself has been paid for by donations from 57th alumni
(57th Troop Carrier Squadron, Military Airlift Squadron, 
Airlift Squadron & Weapons Squadron).

We now need to improve the area around the monument. Pavers are needed in front and around the back of the monument. We want everyone to be able to have a complete 360 view of the monument without having to step on the bare earth and to keep lawn equipment away from the monument. In order for us to be able to proceed with this paver project, we need funding. 

We are offering to you, those who loved the C-141 Starlifter an opportunity to purchase one of the pavers that will be placed around the C-141 Memorial Monument.

For a $100.00 donation, you can place a paver at the C-141 Memorial Monument. When you purchase a paver, you can personalize it any way that you wish. There are some limitations such as one, there can only be four lines of information and two, you will be limited to 16 characters per line. View the attached paver application for examples of personalization. 

Anyone, who has any love for the C-141 or this project can purchase a paver. The placement of pavers will be on a first-come basis.

We are limited to the number of pavers that we will be able to place around the C-141 Starlifter Memorial Monument. Please, respond to this request as soon as you can by placing your order now so that you will not miss out on the opportunity of leaving a remembrance of choice around the best C-141 Monument to date.

· This is a great way to remember someone, have your family names placed in a  beautiful location, and leave your personal C-141 history near the monument.

· Some were not able to contribute to the C-141 Memorial Monument project. Here is  your opportunity to have your name affixed to the C-141 Memorial Monument project.

· This project affords other squadrons and associations an opportunity to have their  name placed around this awesome monument.

· What a great way for an active Airlift Squadron to honor one of the greatest airlift  aircraft that ever flew by placing their name on a paver near this awesome Monument.

· Great way for C-141 families to be remembered ………………….

· Here you can honor a family member or friend …………………….

· Here is a great place to memorialize a dear departed friend …………….

· Keep a C-141 squadron or wing alive by sponsoring a paver on its behalf ………

· Keep your C-141 history alive here …………………………

· Honor a USAF Patriot with a C-141 Memorial Monument paver ………………

· Heroes come in many forms and all deserve a permanent place of recognition….

The C-141 memorial paver project is a great way for your local VFW, American Legion, Knights of Columbus and other civic-minded organizations to have their name depicted on the grounds around this awesome C-141 Memorial Monument.

Please share this information with your friends and organizations in order that we might complete this project very quickly.

We need your help to complete this project – will you help?


This website is about the "Transport and Airlift" squadrons that flew the C-141 during the aircraft's operational years from 1964 – 2006.  In addition, it has a directory of crew members that flew the C-141 Starlifter.


The 1741st Air Transport Squadron assigned to the 1707th Air Transport Wing (ATW) at Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), Oklahoma was the first squadron to fly the C-141 aircraft (In January 1966 the 1741st was redesignated 57th Military Airlift Squadron).  

The first C-141 to arrive at Tinker AFB on 19 October 1964 was tail number 63-8078 and would be known as "Spirit of Oklahoma City".   



The 44th Air Transport Squadron (ATS), 1501st Air Transport Wing, Travis Air Force Base, California was the first line squadron to fly the C-141. On 23 April 1965, the 44th flew the C-141A (tail number 63-8088 named “Golden Bear”) from the Lockheed factory in GA to Travis Air Force base, CA. The first crew from the 44th to fly the C-141 was as follows: Lt Col Weldon D. Newquist, AC; Lt Col Vere Short, CP; Capt James M. Davis, Nav; CMSgt Daniel M. Lawson, FE; CMSgt William J. Malone, FE; MSgt Thomas P. O’Keefe, LM; TSgt Vernon N. Smith, LM.

Also, was the first West Coast operational squadron to fly solely C-141s.


The 41st Military Airlift Squadron was the first East Coast operational squadron to consist solely of C-141s.



On September 16 2004, the 6th Airlift Squadron (AS) and the last active duty unit to fly the C-141. The 6th AS flew the last C-141 assigned to the 305th Air Mobility Wing (AMW) at McGuire Air Force Base, serial number 64-0633 to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, AZ for permanent storage.


The last squadron to fly the C-141 was the 356th Airlift Squadron a unit of the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. The last flight for the C-141 aircraft was on 6 May, 2006. Fittingly, the last flying C-141 was tail number 66-0177, also the very first American aircraft to land at Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi, North Vietnam February 12, 1973 to pick up prisoners-of-war. Because of that singular honor it was dubbed the “Hanoi Taxi.”


Please visit each squadron and learn about its history and lineage, (family tree).

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C-141 flying squadron please submit your

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