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"I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another. As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades. Such good men."

Quoted  from "These Good Men" by Michael Norman

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Aakhus, Donovan (Don) Capt  Pilot 14th & 730th  daakhus@sbcglobal.net  
Aaron, James F. SMSgt  FE 30th & 57th  jaaron8@sbcglobal.net   
Abbott, Robert M Lt Col  FS 6th abbottrm@comcast.net  
Abel, Richard A. SSgt  41st ALS & 14th AS Rastusbeufort@comcast.net AZ, Tucson 
Abercrombie, Dan Capt Pilot 97th dabercr92@aol.com WA 
Abernethy, Russell (Russ) H. Lt Col Pilot 57th rabernethy737@gmail.com  NC 
Abraham, Levy SMSgt FE 732nd abelevy732@gmail.com  
Absher, Patrick CMSgt LM 41st, 53rd, ALCE _PHIK & Hq MAC  patrickabsher@att.net  
Abston, Jeff TSgt  FE 4th powderhound4@comcast.net  
Acone, Gregory Capt Pilot 14th & 728th glajfa@comcast.net  
Adams, Herbert Paul III "HP" Capt  Pilot 7th & 15th HPaul3@comcast.net IL, Batavia 
Akins, Charles (Charlie) E. MSgt  LM  317th  akinsa@charter.net   
Aldridge, Steve W. TSgt FE 53rd MAS steve5443@comcast.net WA, Gold Bar 
Allen, John MSgt LM 15th TNFLYBOY17@YAHOO.COM  
Allen, Michael R. SSgt LM 335th chiefm22@verizon.net NJ 
Allen, Tom Capt Pilot 75th, 7th & 710th trallen@me.com CA 
Alley, Gregory MSgt LM 30th, 6th, 57th, 15th, 18th, & 17th  Flyingafarm@hotmail.com FL 
Allison, Larry MSgt  LM 86th, 41st & 57th  isaokie60@cableone.net  OK 
Allmann, William J. SSgt LM 702nd billallmann@yahoo.com NJ 
Almeter, Francis Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Alsbury, Lynn L. SSgt LM 14th llalsbury@gmail.com OR 
Alta, Dirk SMSgt  FE 15th & 52nd  dalta69@yahoo.com  
Altchek, Jason Maj  Nav  20th & 15th  jason.altchek@pentagon.af.mil   
Altenburg, Mark D. Lt Col Pilot 53rd & 8th altenburgs@yahoo.com IL, Swansea 
Amelung, Martin Col  Pilot 57th CC jmartamel@aol.com  
Anderson, Bruce P. TSgt  FE  707th & 315 MAW   bpander@earthlink.net MI, Dexter  
Anderson, David K. MSgt LM 15th, 20th, 708th, 728th, 729th & 730th  bige141@gmail.com  
Andrews, Elmer R. CMSgt FE 9th & 20th jonaone@aol.com DE, Dover 
Andrews, Jonathan R. CMSgt LM 20th jonaone@aol.com DE, Dover 
Angell, Steven R. MSgt  FE  30th  blueangell@verizon.net   
Argus, Louis MSgt First Sergeant 16th AS steelers088@att.net SC, Charleston 
Arms, Charles (Charlie) Lt Col  Pilot  8th & 30th  charlie61@aol.com   
Armstrong, Robert MSgt  FE 710th  ne14bob@hotmail.com  CA 
Arndt, Gene R. MSgt  FE 76th, 14th, 57th, 443rd TTS, 86th & 22nd AF  garndt@live.com MN 
Arnold, Frank W. Col  Nav  17th ATS (C-124) and 3rd MAS (C-141 & C-5) fwarnold@ix.netcom.com  FL, The Villages. Comment: C-5 Initial Cadre. Lead Nav for 1st C-5 mission to Europe, to Pacific, and to Berlin 
Arrieta, Thomas E. MSgt FE 335th  tearrieta@yahoo.net FL 
Arrol, Keith C. Maj Pilot 14th & 730th Cearrieta@yahoo.com CA, Fairfield 
Arvin, Richard LM 86th rv.arvin@gmail.com  
Asher, Glenn Capt  Pilot 18th asher_g@att.net  
Atherton, Thomas L. Col  Pilot 3rd TAther141@aol.com  TX, San Antonio 
Atkinson, John Lt Col  Pilot  76th  jatkinson2@sc.rr.com   
Atwood, Will (Bill) Maj Pilot 30th, 335th & 707th BpBill@ekk.org  
Averill, William B. (Bryan) MSgt FE 6th MAS & 183rd MAS Bryaveri@gmail.com LA, Lacombe 
Avery, Charles J. MSgt  LM  14th, 52th & 57th  cjavery621@aim.com  IN 
Avery, Stephen L. Lt Col  Pilot  707th & 315th AW  stephenlavery3@sbcglobal.net   
Baade, Walt  LM  4th  wabaade1@msn.com   
Baatenburg, John Sgt LM 8th jbaatenburg@gmail.com MI, Baldwin  
Backes, Richard MSgt LM 7th rbacus@charter.net IL 
Badsky, Floyd Col  Pilot  86th, 57th & 20th Last C-141 CC June-Dec 97 fbadsky@cox.net OK 
Bagen, Gregory W. Sgt  LM 20th & 18th MAS gbagen@gbagenlaw.com NY, Brewster  
Bailey Porter, Laurie SMSgt  FE 41st rftwskipper@sprintmail.com  
Baird, David C. Maj  Pilot 8th MAS & 728th MAS dclarnob@yahoo.com OR, Florence 
Baird, Keith W. CMSgt  FE  18th  acmeair@hotmail.com   
Baker, Gary Lt Col Pilot 75th, 60th MAW, 57th CC, Dep Dir. MAC/DOV gary@wtec.com Al, Decatur 
Baker, Howard MSgt  FE 14th, 756th & 155th  flyboy10@earthlink.net TX 
Baker, Linette MSgt  LM 86th, 443rd TTS & 57th LinetteB51@gmail.com  CA 
Barbee, Philip (Phil) Lt Col  Pilot 17th MAS, 20th MAS, and 41st MAS wncotoo@gmail.com TX, New Braunfels 
Barber, Greg Maj  Pilot 6th & 702nd g.bar@sbcglobal.net  
Bardaro, Jim CMSgt  LM 4th & 14th  loadman17@hotmail.com   
Barker, Bruce B. MSgt FE 20th vetc141@yahoo.com SC 
Barklow, Julia (aka Jules) MSgt  CP 729th & 730th kodiakjules@gmail.com AK, Kodiak Island  
Barley, Claude C.  Crew Chief    
Barnard, James H. Col Pilot 312th CC jrcolonel1@gmail.com  
Barnard, Larry  Pilot  6th, 702nd & 732nd  Jedi057@aol.com   
Barnes, Boone Maj Nav 20th, 437th MAW & Hq. MAC/AMC booneb7649@aol.com GA, Powder Springs 
Barnes, Edward (Ted) SMSgt  LM  6th  sbarnes159@comcast.net   
Barnes, Jeff Sgt LM 14th ja.barnes_65@yahoo.com  
Barnum, Mike MSgt  LM  7th, 19th & 20th  Rabbitft@aol.com   
Barrett, Robert S.  FE 732nd  crazpony@comcast.net  
Barrett, Wayne SMSgt  LM  7th  wbkx250@aol.com   
Barton, Charles K. Capt Pilot 4th  cbarton21@sbcglobal.net  CA, Vacaville 
Battle, Johnnie L. CMSgt  LM  86th & 30th  easygoingjb@aol.com   
Baumgartner, Steven N. Lt Col  Pilot 15th snbaumgartner@frontier.com NC 
Bechtel, Jerry MSgt  FE  3rd, 58th, 15th & 57th  jbdutch@gmail.com  OK 
Becker, Charles F. MSgt  LM 335th 702nd & 732nd  CBECKER42@AOL.COM  
Beckley, Christopher A. MSgt  Loadmaster 707th bnocents@bellsouth.net  NC, Denver 
Beenken, Rita A. TSgt  LM  707th  rab13@bellsouth.net   
Beese, Alfred MSgt LM 30th & 13th al.beese@earthlink.net  FL 
Behrens, Christopher W. "Chris" MSgt  FE 702nd, 18th, 30. 13th,& 57th  choxnpin@choxnpinz.com DE 
Behrens, Gregg R. Lt Col  Pilot 20th & 57th  gbehr01@aol.com   
Beiler, Christian (Chris) MSgt  FE 30th, 300th & 707th  chrisbeiler@peoplepc.com   
Belflower, Robert A. MSgt  FE 57th, 443rd TTS & 22n AF rabelf@sbcglobal.net WI 
Bell, Dave SMSgt  LM  7th, 19th, 20th, & 15th AF  daveandvonniebell@msn.com OH 
Bell, James D. SSgt  FE  86th  kc10engr@aol.com   
Bell, Richard (Casey) SMSgt  LM  41st  jc130b_hlm@bellsouth.net   
Bell, Richard T. (Dick)  Nav 9th MAS & 18th MAS  rtbell@sbcglobal.net  NC, Mooresville 
Bender, Carl E. Jr. MSgt FE 300th, 356th & 89th ckbender@sbcglobal.net  IN, Avon 
Benjamin, John Lt Col  Nav  41st, 17th, 76th & 57th  benjaminj4@comcast.net   
Benke, William (Bill) Lt Col)  Pilot 57th billbenke@hotmail.com OK 
Bennett, George III SMSgt FE 702nd & 732nd George702as@comcast.net NJ, Lambertville 
Berenato, Mark LM 702nd & 732nd  Markberenato@gmail.com NJ 
Berens, Geoffrey S. MSgt  FE 728th & 730th MAS  gsberens@earthlink.net CA, North Hollywood  
Bergeron, Joseph Lt Col  Pilot 57th CC   
Bergman, Mark R. MSgt FE 335th & 6th  budge13@comcast.net  
Berlin, Alexander MSgt LM 702nd aberlin@erols.com  VA, Spotsylvania 
Berry, John C. Col  Nav 53rd & 57th  john.berry@tyndall.af.mil FL 
Besecker, David Lt Col  Pilot 41st & 707th  Dbesecker@roadrunner.com  
Betts, Tom Lt Col  Pilot  86th  tkbetts@aol.com   
Bias, William L TSgt LM 728th & 710th Ghj634ff@yahoo.com TX, Cypress 
Bills, Jim E. SSgt FE 6th MAS jimbills182@gmail.com  Nebraska, Norfolk 
Birchman, David J. MSgt LM 15th & 20th davebirchman@gmail.com California. 
Bird, Peter Capt Pilot 30th peterb@petester.com  
Birney, William J. SMSgt LM 4th wbirney11b@gmail.com WA 
Bishop, Joseph TSgt FE 20th, 7th & 4th  VFR96@aol.com OR 
Black, Billie MSgt  FE  41st, 75th, 7th & 57th bigdummy58@hotmail.com  GA 
Blackstead, Peter A. MSgt  FE 729th & 730th  peteblackstead@hotmail.com   
Blandina, Michael J. A1C LM 14th michael.j.blandina@gmail.com MA, Needham Heights 
Blandina, Mike A1C LM 14th mike.blandina@comcast.net  
Blihovde, Gary Lt Col Pilot 30th & 335th AA00727@AOL.COM WI 
Block, Thomas H. MSgt  LM  76th, 97th & 729th  c141load@reagan.com WI, Milwaukee 
Bloodworth, Martin TSgt LM 20th & 443rd TTS mbworth1@att.net IL 
Bodoh, Mike MSgt FE 86th dzl8r@yahoo.com  
Boger, James M., MSGT FE 3rd & 701st Bogerc150@yahoo.com SC, Moncks Corner 
Bollotta, Rocco MSgt  FE 6th RBL10@aol.com FL 
Bonda, Fred MSgt  Med Tech 72nd & 714th fredbonda@hotmail.com  
Bond, Steven M. 1st Lt  Pilot 313th bond7531@gmail.com  WA 
Bonsail, June E. A1C Admin 30th MAS  junebonsall@gmail.com Worked in orderly room 67/68 
Bonsail, Robert N. Jr. Sgt Admin 30th MAS junebonsall@gmail.com Worked orderly room 
Bookas, John Maj  Pilot  300th & 701th  jbookas@aol.com   
Booth, William H, Lt Col  Pilot 20th, 4th & 7th MAS  williboo7@att.net  CA, Vacaville 
Borrero, Phil SSgt FE 7th philborrero@hotmail.com CA 
Bostock, William SSgt  LM 86th, 374APS/CMBT, 21st and 345th 2917 Austin St, Apt 4, Davis, CA 95618  CA, Davis 
Botta, Louis  LM  335th & 729th  louisbotta@aol.com   
Bouressa, T. K. MSgt  LM  14th  skylark@tstar.net   
Bowser, Jon Lt Col  Pilot 36th, 7th & 313th  Bowz@comcast.net WA 
Boxtel, Jerry Van MSgt FE 44th & 6th MAS  jerryvb20@hotmail.com  
Braack, Bill MSgt  FE 313th, 701st & 730th  bill@smoke-n-thunder.com   
Bradley, Tony  FE  30th, 701st, 707th & 759th  tbrad041462@aol.com   
Brady, William (Bill) C. MSgt  LM  702nd  bbrady7641@comcast.net   
Bramham, Trent C. TSgt FE 18th, 6th, 7th. 97th & 313th  trent_bramham@hotmail.com  WA 
Brannigan, Patrick (Pat) Lt Col Pilot 6th & 702nd patbrannigan@gmail.com  
Bridges, Gary L. Capt Pilot 76th bridges1@satx.rr.com TX 
Brincat, Wayne M. MSgt FE 18th Flyinglibra54@yahoo.com  
Brittain, Charles “Chuck” MSgt FE 4th cbrittai@bigpond.net.au  Cairns, Queensland Australia 
Broander, Stephen J, MSgt  Flight Engineer 41st MAS & 4953rd Test Sq Steann5@woh.rr.com,  OH, Englewood. 
Brock, Dave MSgt  LM 20th, 76th, 701st, 707th & 300th  dave37385@yahoo.com TN 
Broderick, William C. TSgt LM 702nd billybobbroderick@gmail.com  NY 
Brower, Steven R.  FE 15th, 53rd, & Det 21. Flt Test  stevenrbrower@gmail.com  NY 
Brown, Albert (AL) F. SMSgt FE 18th abrown4901@aol.com FL 
Brown, Anne Wright MSgt LM 6th annebrown@comcast.net  
Brown, Darryl M. MSgt   707th  darryl.brown.4@us.af.mil   
BROWN, DARRYL M MSGT EL 707th darryl.brown@gmail.com EL 707th darryl.brown@gmail.com  
Browne, Reggie MSgt  LM  6th  regbro90@hotmail.com   
Brown, Garnett C. Jr. Col Pilot 57th & 443rd Vice WG CC Brownwing30@windstream.net KY 
Browning, John D. Sgt Loadmaster 76th MAS browning226@msn.com OH, Bidwell 
Brown, Kenneth S. TSgt  FE  4th  Kenanmo@verizon.net  
Brown, Kent TSgt LM 6th heyload@comcast.net   
Brown, Raymond E. Jr., MSgt  LM  707th  Reb5538@aol.com   
Brown, Raymond TSgt  FE  6th  raymond.brown74@hotmail.com   
Broz, Michael TSgt  LM  701st  michael768dfd@gmail.com  
Bruce, Michael MSgt FE 30th, 57th & 443TTS instr777@msn.com CO 
Brugger, Phillip C. Capt Nav 4th pcb0342@gmail.com ID, Twin Falls 
Brunkow, Bruce CMSgt  LM  4th  bbrunkow2000@yahoo.com   
Bryan, Michael S. MSgt  FE  14th & 57th  msbryan@att.net  TX 
Bryant, John D. Sgt LM 20th dbryant3@frontier.com  
Bryant, Judy MSgt  Adm  53rd  judith.bryant@va.gov   
Brzozowski, Raymond F. CMSgt  FE 18th & 57th rnd29@sbcglobal.net OK 
Buck, Jack SSgt  LM 86th  jmbuck46@GMAIL.COM TN 
Buckley, Donald J. Sgt  FE 7th MAS xc141fe@gmail.com   
Buckner, Kenneth D. MSgt FE 300th & 732nd  kdbuckner@bellsouth.net LA 
Buebe, Daniel CMSgt FE 15th, 443rd, 57th, 20th, 16th & 339th FLTS danbuebe@msn.com UT 
Buebe, Daniel CMSgt FE 15th, 443rd TTS/57th, 20th, 15th, 16th & 443rd FLTS danbuebe@msn.com Utah 
Bundy, Richard Brig Gen  Pilot 4th, 14th & 57th CC emc@arnold-air.org DE 
Bunger, Art  LM  4th & 86th  strlftr@comcast.net   
Buran (Byrd), Karen, SMSgt LM  313th kbyrd101@hotmail.com  
Burgan, Dale TSgt LM 701st dburgan@yahoo.com IN 
Burgess, Jeff MSgt  FE  86th, 57th & 443rd TTS  jhb@embarqmail.com   
Burgy, Larry J. Major  Pliot 732nd larcon1313@aol.com GA, Peachtree City 
Burke, Charlie CMSgt FE 30th & 21st AF burke1cl@sbcglobal.net TX 
Burkhardt, John R. CMSgt LM 30th, 57th, 443rd TTS/AD, 53rd, & HQ AMC  jburkhardtjr@woh.rr.com OH 
Burleson, Robert MSgt LM 76th & 17th airlifter130lm@aol.com  NC 
Burnette, Henry MSgt FE 300th burnette707@hotmail.com FL 
Butcher, Thomas L. Sr. SMSgt  LM  86th  butcrmills@comcast.net   
Buttitta, James P. SSgt Loadmaster 86th MAS jbuttitta@cox.net AZ, Mesa 
Byrd, Mel MSgt LM 97th mmmmelster@hotmail.com  
Showing 175 items