335th Airlift Squadron

335th Military Airlift Squadron  

335th Troop Carrier Squadron

335th Patches from 1949 - 1995

335th Airlift Squadron History and Lineage  


The 335th Airlift Squadron inactivated in 1995, as part of the Air Force’s downsizing of its C-141 aircraft inventory.  Prior to its inactivation, the 335th was a reserve C-141 unit at McGuire AFB, NJ, assigned to the 514th Air Mobility Wing.

Constituted 335th Troop Carrier Squadron, Medium, 10 May 1949. Activated in the reserves at Birmingham Municipal Airport, Ala., in June 1949 and moved to Mitchel Air Force Base, N.Y., in October of 1949 as part of the 514th Troop Carrier Wing.  The 335th was equipped with the C-46 Commando.  Recalled to active duty during the Korean conflict, members of the 335th flew stateside support missions until February 1953, when the unit was returned to reserve status. Activated in the reserve on 1 Apr 1953 and during this time the unit performed airlift operations, participated in exercises and flew the C-46 as part of a combat crew training school. In March 1961, the 335th moved with the 514th from Mitchel Field to McGuire Air Force Base, N.J., and changed aircraft to the C-119 Flying Boxcar. In 1966 the 335th was redesignated 335th Military Airlift Squadron and transitioned to the C-141 aircraft.  In 1992 the squadron was redesignated the 335th Airlift Squadron. The 335th Airlift Squadron inactivated in 1995.

Assignments: 514th Troop Carrier Group, 26 Jun 1949-1 Feb 1953. 514th Troop Carrier Group, 1 Apr 1953; 514th Troop Carrier Wing, 14 Apr 1959; 514th Military Airlift Wing 1966-1992; 514th Airlift Wing 1992 – 1995.

Commanders:  Lt Col Phillip N. Loring, 1949; Maj Joseph S. Chimento, 1951; Capt William P. Moeller, 1952; Lt Col Phillip N. Loring, 1952; Capt William P. Moeller, 1953; Lt Col Franklin R. Ruege, 1954; Lt Col Richard P. Skully, 1959; Maj Charles McKinlay, 1963; Col Henning Anderson, 1965; Lt Col John W. Foster, 1966; Lt Col Joseph Succo, 1967; Lt Col Louis Schovanec, 1968; Lt Col Stephen Veve, 1971; Lt Col Raymond Carter, 1972; Lt Col Cleophus Robinson, 1974; Lt Col Carl Knazik, 1975; Lt Col John L. Barrett; Lt Col John E. Reilly, 1980; Lt Col Rex A Pitts, 1982; Col Louis Crigler, 1984; Col Bruce Edwards, 1986; Col Kyle Pero, 1987 ------------------ Lt Col Joseph Ward, 1991; Lt Col Paul Tucker, 1994.  (Help me to complete--send names).

Stations:  Mitchel AFB, NY, 10 Oct 1949-1 Feb 1953. Mitchel AFB, NY, 1 Apr 1953; Stewart AFB, NY, 15 Mar 1961; McGuire AFB, 1961-1995.

Aircraft:  B-24, 1943-1944; Unkn, 1949-1950; C-46, 1951-1953; C-119, 1953-1961; C-141, 1966-1995.

Operations: Operational training, Feb-Mar 1943; replacement training, Apr 1943-Mar 1944. Transported U.S. Army troops and cargo, provided aerial resupply, and dropped paratroopers within the U.S., May 1951-Jan 1953 and performed similar duties worldwide.