8th Airlift Squadron

8th Military Airlift Squadron  

8th Troop Carrier Squadron

8th Troop Carrier Squadron

 8th Military Airlift Squadron  

8th Airlift Squadron

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8th Airlift Squadron History and Lineage 

Constituted as the 8th Transport Squadron on 1 October 1933 and activated on 1 February 1940 at Brooks Field, TX, as part of the 10th Transport Group. The squadron was later reassigned to the 62nd Transport (later, 62nd Troop Carrier) Group, on 11 December 1940. 

The squadron was redesignated as the 8th Troop Carrier Squadron on 4 July 1942. That same year, the squadron transitioned to the C-47 aircraft. The 8th deployed overseas, during World War II, to England, Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy. The squadron conducted airborne assaults on Sicily and Southern France, operations supporting partisans in Northern Italy and the Balkans, as well as transportation of personnel and supplies in the MTO. The squadron was inactivated on 11 November 1945.

 The squadron was reactivated on 7 September 1946 as part of the 62nd Troop Carrier Group, at Bergstrom Field, TX, though the squadron became attached to Alaskan Air Command, from 2 September–1 December 1948 and the 62nd Troop Carrier Wing, from 8–14 January 1960. The 8th relocated to McChord Field (later, AFB), WA, 14 Jul 1947, although it effectively was deployed at Elmendorf Field, AK, from 2 September–1 December 1948. The C-46 was replaced by the C-82 in 1947. The unit was redesignated as the 8th Troop Carrier Squadron, Medium, on 23 June 1948 and as the 8th Troop Carrier Squadron, Heavy, on 12 October 1949. 1949 also saw the squadron transition to the C-54.

 The squadron relocated to Kelly AFB, TX, on 9 May 1950 and to McChord AFB, WA, on 27 July 1950.

 Transitioning to the C-124 (which it used until 1969), the 8th relocated to Larson AFB, WA, on 9 May 1952. The squadron provided airlift from the US to Japan during the Korean War.

 The 8th was reassigned to the 62nd Troop Carrier (later, 62nd Military Airlift) Wing, on 15 January 1960, relocating a few months later, on 13 June, to McChord AFB, WA.

 The squadron was redesignated as 8th Air Transport Squadron, Heavy, on 1 January 1965 and as the 8th Military Airlift Squadron on 8 Jan 1966.  The 8th would be the first squadron to fly the C-141 at McChord AFB after aircraft S/N 65-0277 arrive on August 5, 1966.

The 8th airdropped equipment and personnel during the invasion of Panama on 20 December 1989.  The squadron was redesignated as the 8th Airlift Squadron on 1 December 1991 and assigned to the 62nd Airlift Wing.

Assignments:  Brooks Field, TX, 1 Feb 1940; Duncan Field, TX, 5 Nov 1940; Hill Field, UT, 29 Jun 1941; Kellogg Field, MI, 26 May 1942; Florence, SC, 30 Jun–14 Aug 1942; Keevil, England, 25 Sep 1942; Tafaraoui, Algeria, 16 Nov 1942; Nouvion, Algeria, 22 Dec 1942; Matemore, Algeria, 17 May 1943; El Djem, Tunisia, 1 Jul 1943; Goubrine, Tunisia, 28 Jul 1943; Gela, Sicily, 7 Sep 1943; Ponte Olivo, Sicily, 30 Sep 1943; Gaudo Airfield, Italy, 8 May 1944; Galera Airfield, Italy, 30 Jun 1944; Malignano Airfield, Italy, 5 Oct 1944; Tarquinia, Italy, 9 Jan 1945; Rosignano, Italy, 26 May 1945; Naples, Italy, Oct–11 Nov 1945. Bergstrom Field, TX, 7 Sep 1946; McChord Field (later, AFB), WA, 14 Jul 1947 (deployed at Elmendorf Field, AK, 2 Sep–1 Dec 1948); Kelly AFB, TX, 9 May 1950; McChord AFB, WA, 27 Jul 1950; Larson AFB, WA, 9 May 1952; McChord AFB, WA, 13 Jun 1960–

Commanders:  Maj Edward Sullivan, 1 Feb 1940; Capt Ernest S. Holmes Jr., c. 5 Nov 1940; Capt Charles A. Cowing, 10 Jun 1942; Maj Alexander P. Couch, 1 Jul 1942; Maj C. A. Gibson, 16 Mar 1943; Lt Col Raymond A. Nowotny, 5 Apr 1943; Maj Wateman J. Webb, 16 Jan 1944; Maj Calvin E. Logan, 9 Jul 1944 (temporary), 2 Oct 1944 (permanent); Maj Joseph H. Griffith Jr., 3 Jun 1945; Capt Allen W. Carver, 5 Jun 1945; none, not manned, 1 Sep-11 Nov 1945. Lt Col Wright J. Sherrard, 30 Sep 1946; Maj Lionel F. Johnson, 12 May 1947; Lt Col Curtis L. Frisbie, 3 Jun 1947; Lt Col William R. Cooper, by 14 Aug 1947; Lt Col George M. Johnson Jr., by Mar 1948; Capt William E. Barnett, Dec 1949; Maj Theodore R. Wright, Feb 1950; Maj Courtney L. Faught, by Apr 1950; Lt Col Lionel F. Johnson, by Dec 1951; Maj Michael F. Robinson, 4 Aug 1953; Maj George M. Rubald, c. 13 Jul 1954; Lt Col John P. Remaklus Jr., by Dec 1955; Lt Col Kent J. Richens, by Jun 1958; Maj Jacob S. Dreyer, by Dec 1958; Maj Jesse W. Perry, by Jun 1960; Lt Col Edward J. Maloney, by Dec 1960; Lt Col Jesse W. Perry, by 12 Mar 1961; Lt Col Blaine J. Felt, by Dec 1961; Lt Col Robert Cooke Jr., by Jun 1965; Lt Col James D. Robinson, by Dec 1966; Lt Col John J. Ryan, 21 Mar 1968; Lt Col Robert E. Englebretson, 1 May 1970; Lt Col Lawrence D. Johnson, 1 Mar 1971; Lt Col Duane H, Cassidy, 21 Sep 1972; Lt Col Rodney P. Williams, 25 Jun 1974; Lt Col Henry J. DiAngelo, 14 Jun 1976; Lt Col Vernon J. Kondra, 17 Apr 1978; Lt Col Edward R. Maney, 3 May 1979; Lt Col Bryan D. Strickland, 6 Jun 1980; Lt Col Augustus C. Moran, 16 Jan 1981; Lt Col David B. Marcrander, by Mar 1983; Lt Col Donald G. Murdoch, 28 Jun 1984; Lt Col William L. Calhoun, 9 Jun 1986; Lt Col Joseph P. Conant, 23 Jun 1988; Lt Col Julian D. Allen, 27 Apr 1990; Lt Col Edward N. Pugh, 8 Jun 1992; Lt Col Norman A. Weinberg, 21 May 1993; Lt Col David M. Snyder, 8 Jun 1994; Lt Col Michael C. Strouse, 15 Jun 1995; Lt Col John I. Pray Jr., 10 Jun 1997; Lt Col Timothy G. Grosz, 6 Jul 1998; Lt Col Angelique L. Faulise, 10 Apr 2000; Lt Col Jon T. Thomas, 16 Jul 2003; Lt Col Gregory J. Schwartz, 22 Apr 2005-. 

Lineage:  8th Transport Squadron (1933 – 1942), 8th Troop Carrier Squadron (1942 – 1948), 8th Troop Carrier Squadron, Medium (1948 – 1949, 8th Troop Carrier Squadron, Heavy (1949 – 1965), 8th Air Transport Squadron, Heavy (1965 – 1966), 8th Military Airlift Squadron (1966 – 1991), 8th Airlift Squadron (1991 – Present)

Aircraft:  C–39, 1940–1942; C–47, 1942–1945. C–46, 1946–1947; C–82, 1947–1949; C–54, 1949–1951; C–124, 1951–1969; C–141, 1966–2002, C-17, 1999-

Operations:  Included airborne assaults on Sicily and Southern France, support of partisans in Northern Italy and the Balkans, and transportation of personnel and supplies in the MTO, during World War II. Airlift from US to Japan during the Korean War. Airdropped equipment and personnel during the invasion of Panama on 20 Dec 1989.


Campaign Streamers:  World War II: Tunisia; Sicily; Naples Foggia; Rome-Arno; Southern France; North Apennines; Po Valley; Air Combat, EAME Theater. 

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers:  Panama, 1989–1990. 

Decorations: Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 19 Apr–5 May 1954; 1 Jan 1961–1 Nov 1962; 1 Jul 1965–15 Jul 1966; 1 Jul 1969–30 Jun 1970; 1 Jul 1973–30 Jun 1974; 1 Jul 1981–30 Jun 1983; 1 Jul 1983–30 Jun 1985; 14 Jun–3 Jul 1991. Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm: 1 Apr 1966–28 Jan 1973. 


Description - On a disc White, edged Black, a caricatured winged work horse Yellow, outlined Black, branded on hip with a Red cross, galloping at full speed, and wearing a revolver in holster fastened to cartridge belt Tan about the neck, and having a machine gun Tan and a packing box Brown strapped to his back, all over a silhouette figure Black descending by parachute in sinister base toward large White cloud formation in base. Approved on 12 Jun 1943 (K&KE 2893) and modified in 1994.

 Symbolism - Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The flying work horse charged with a cross, armed with weapons and supplies, depicts the unit’s multi-talents in airborne transportation, armament carriers and air evacuation of wounded. The silhouetted airborne trooper symbolizes the unit’s dedication to airborne transportation.