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I was a navigator assigned to the 86th ATS/MAS at Travis AFB from 1963 till 1971 and from 1973 till 1982. I believe the 86th transitioned from the C-130 to the C-141 in 1966.  I was the Assistant Aircrew Standardization Officer and accrued more than 10,000 hrs in the C-141.  I was also the last squadron navigator assigned to the C-141 at Travis and participated in the 86MAS Deep Freeze missions in the C-141 while assigned to a C-5 squadron at Travis.  I retired as a Lt Col in 1984.

Harry Ferrell




I was passed a link to your new site by my old neighbor and instructor Harry Ferrell.  I found that I can't use your guestbook as I don't live in the States, but I'd be happy to be listed in the Directory.  I was the first (and only) RAF Nav to fly the 141 under the USAF/RAF Exchange Programme.  I arrived at Travis in September 1970, and was assigned to the 86th MAS but also did quite a bit of time in 60th Wing Combat Tactics.  (My boss there, Col Bobby J Massingill, had already completed an exchange tour with the RAF on our VC 10 squadron.... and in 1975 I found myself converting to that aircraft along with Major Jerry Poole, who had also worked in DOXT with me.  Small world.)  I went home in December 1972, after a truly great tour during which I had made it to FEN and Select Lead Crew status.  I guess the details for the Directory would be something like:

Macmillan, Ian C   RAF Exchange    Nav       86th MAS

And as I recall needing orders for everything, I can offer a bit of proof, attached!

I wish you all the best as the site grows, and it seems to be doing so by the day.  I'll be bookmarking it alongside 'C-141 Heaven'.

Best wishes, Ian Macmillan