Aircraft 65-9407

23 March 1967 - Acft 65-9407, 4th MAS and 62nd MAW at Da Nang, RVN 

Maj Harold L. Hale  P 

Capt Max P. Starke  P 

Capt Leroy E. Leonard  N 

SSgt Alanson G. Bynum  FE 

SSgt Alfred Funck  FE

23 March 1967 – The worst ground aviation accident of the Vietnam War occurred at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam when a traffic controller cleared USMC Grumman A-6A Intruder, BuNo 152608, of VMA(AW)-242, MAG-11, for takeoff but also cleared USAF Lockheed C-141A-LM Starlifter, 65-9407, of the 62nd Military Airlift Wing, McChord AFB, Washington, to cross the runway.

The A-6 crew saw the Starlifter at the last moment, veered off the runway to tried to avoid it, but its port wing sliced through the C-141’s nose, which immediately caught fire. A load of 72 acetylene gas cylinders ignited and caused a tremendous explosion. The loadmaster escaped through the rear hatch.